Multifaith Mishegaas

  • In case you missed it (after all, it was on Friday night), Tom Brokaw reported on the staggering growth of Evangelical Christians in America. Some transcripts and video are here. The show’s highlight? A Jewish family complaining that their children are being discriminated against at the Air Force Academy.
  • A bunch of Hispanics in the Southwest are suddenly finding out that they’re Jewish (one was actually a reverend) and are even take Kohen DNA tests to find out if they’re members of the priestly tribe.
  • Jehovah’s Roofing Service. All jokes apply.
  • Don’t soldiers use condoms?
  • Down. Set. Jesus.
  • A Texas pastor was electrocuted and died during a baptism service. Darn Water.

4 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. on soldiers and condoms. I don’t actually bother to protest the war anymore, because this sort of insanity speaks more than my protests. If the soldiers aren’t even allowed to masturbate and the enlistments get longer because are no reinforcements they will become more and more disenchated with Bush. I never thought Bush’s popularity would go below 20% but I now think this is highly likely. As for evangelicalisms(in reality the religious right) growth. Well, there was a scandal a couple of years ago in the SBC(Southern Baptists Convention) because it turned out that they still count members that have left them in their numbers. They haven’t changed this practice. I doubt they are growing nearly as much as they claim. I am sure they would love to have this growth because it is the only way they can sucker people in to voting for George nowadays. The evangelicals are his only loyal consituancy.

  2. thanks – i am going to read those, anger boy.
    about “hispanics” finding out they are jewish — the loving (and historically correct) term for your sefardic brothers and sisters who lived through the inquisition is NOT marrano, which means pig, and is a pejorative term given by spanish xians to jewish “converts” who backslid, or just out competed them in business once they were on equal footing.
    the correct term is judio escondido (hidden jew) or converso (convert) , and if you spent the time to learn marrano, you can handle these new “hispanic” terms as well.
    if you use marrano, you are calling your brothers and sisters pigs.

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