5 thoughts on “Two State Solution

  1. oh this site is a real winner!
    If all this were not enough, we have CIA and FBI running amok training and arming the terrorists among us and now protecting them as well. Shades of the USS Liberty! What do they do warn them that the helicopters are on the way? Rumor has it that some Israelis who were commonly thought to have been victims of terror or tragic accident were actually assassinations carried out by the CIA on “sovereign” Israeli soil. Are Jews really so gullible as to believe that Israel is any different in their minds than El Salvador or Somalia or Iraq
    Our sages have expounded upon the prophecies of the War of Gog/Magog. In the End of Days, a great power will invade Eretz Israel from the North. It will be accompanied by, among others, Iran and Libya. It will divide Jerusalem and rule over us for nine months before they are ultimately destroyed. Some months back, there was a joke going around that Gog/Magog actually stood for George(Bush, Jr) from George (Bush, Sr.) in Hebrew.

  2. y’all are full-on nutter butters. i hate to tell ya but judea’s got most of the arabs in it. enjoy killing each other. we’ll enjoying watching.

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