Tyranny of the Minorities

What do the Shiite extremist leader Moktada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army have in common with the extremist Jewish settlers in Israel? Answer: More than you’d think. Both movements combine religious messianism, and a willingness to sacrifice their followers and others for absolutist visions, along with a certain disdain for man-made laws, as opposed to those from God. The big question in both Iraq and Israel today is also similar: Will the silent majorities in both countries finally turn against these extremist minorities to save their future?

Thomas Friedman in today’s NY Times (bypass registration)

8 thoughts on “Tyranny of the Minorities

  1. yeah thomas, remind me againg when those extemest jews did this:Recently, a pregnant Israeli mother and her four young daughters were shot to death in their car on a Gazan road. First, the terrorist barbarians shot at the car, then, as it veered off the road and came to a stop, they ran over to the car and, at point-blank range, shot each of the occupants to death: Tali, the eight-month pregnant mother, Hila, 11, Hadar, 9, Roni, 7, and two-year-old Meirav. The murderers then continued to fire dozens of more bullets into their bodies.

  2. ok thomas, and the extremest jews did this exactly when?: Later, a video appears on an Al-Qaeda-linked website showing the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq, Nick Berg, who was a Jew. In a grisly gesture, the executioners hold up the man’s head for the camera. The decapitation recalled the kidnapping and videotaped beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl – another Jew – in 2002 in Pakistan. Then, Al-Jazeera rebroadcast this beheading scene, like the earlier scene of an Israeli soldier’s head sitting on a table, throughout the Arab world.

  3. ah thomas, more behavior that you can show the extremest jewish equivalency for: at the end of March in Fallujah, Iraq. The bodies of four murdered American security contractors are mutilated, then burned and displayed in public. Crowds gathered around to joyously view the dead Americans.

  4. yes, thoms, and youll soon show us extremest jews performing these acts: Soon after the blast, Hamas terrorists excitedly displayed and played with the body parts in front of cameras. Gazan Arabs were seen dancing in the streets with pieces of the destroyed Israeli APC and pieces of dead Israeli soldiers. In another scene, shown on Israel’s Channel Two TV, a Hamas gunman on a motorcycle held a bloodied burlap bag with body parts. An armed Hamas barbarian bragged how he had human remains from the APC blast

  5. and we all know extremest jews love chopping off heads: [nypost, may 14] THE murder of Nick Berg, a 26-year-old American businessman, by a group of Islamist terrorists in Iraq continues to send shock waves through much of the West. What has impressed most people is the fact that the terrorists cut Mr. Berg’s head in the way that sheep are beheaded at the annual Feast of the Sacrifice.
    Berg is, of course, not the first to be murdered in such a gruesome manner. Nor, alas, is he likely to be the last. For the cutting of heads (in Arabic, qata al-raas) has been the favorite form of Islamist execution for more than 14 centuries.
    In the famous battles of early Islam, with the Prophet personally in command of the army of believers, the heads of enemy generals and soldiers were often cut off and put on sticks to be shown around villages and towns as a warning to potential adversaries

  6. avi–here’s an idea for you. instead of having to submit 5 posts to make a point, why don’t you actually wait 50-10 minutes BEFORE you post something? showing a count of 5 comments is misleading and disappointing when all of them are just you being an asshole.

  7. Ah, just for the record. Sadr’s men did *not* murder Nicholas Berg.
    That’d be alQaeda-franchise job; And Sadr is a lot of things, but he ain’t that.
    Don’t be a typical Westerner and over-simplify conflicts.
    .rob adams

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