U of Richmond Hillel Prez Fired For Political Views

The Jewish Week reports,

A Jewish student leader at the University of Richmond whose intemperate e-mails to the Israeli Embassy in Washington upset officials there is claiming to be a victim of the pro-Israel culture wars.

According to Hillel officials, Jilian Redford was removed from her position as president of the Virginia school’s chapter of the international Jewish group because of her “disrespectful and inappropriate” communications with Israeli Embassy officials, not because of her political views about the Middle East.

Redford and her supporters contend that her firing was a bald attempt to enforce ideological conformity in the Jewish group.

I’ve just e-mailed Ms. Redford to request an interview. In the meantime, direct your complaints to [email protected].

5 thoughts on “U of Richmond Hillel Prez Fired For Political Views

  1. Richmond wrote to the embassy: “I don’t know who you are or how you got my e-mail address, but could you please stop sending me e-mail after e-mail about radical Zionist propaganda?” would YOU trust redford to be inclusive of all viewpoints (including the majority pro israel viewpoint of the jewish community) in running hillel?

  2. uh yes, i would. in fact, i would trust her more than i would someone who was gung-ho pro israel.

  3. i would trust her more than i would someone who was gung-ho pro israel.
    Wouldn’t human interaction suck if the only options for binding diverse people into common groups were leaders who were intolerant towards one viewpoint, or else leaders who were intolerant towards another?
    Luckily, some people think the job of an assocation leaders is to look past their own intolerances in order to accommodate difference.
    (On the other hand, it’s well-known that suck people are crazy. Or something like that.)

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