The argument that Zionism contains anti-semitic elements to it, isn’t entirely baseless. The contempt in which many of the new-born Zionists viewed the Gola jews was never a secret. Consider “The City Of Slaughter”, Bialik’s famous poem written about the Kishniv pogrom’s, in which he describes the jewish victims:

Come, now, and I will bring thee to their lairs
The privies, jakes and pigpens where the heirs
Of Hasmoneans lay, with trembling knees,
Concealed and cowering -the sons of the Maccabees!
The seed of saints, the scions of the lions!
Who, crammed by scores in all the sanctuaries of their shame
So sanctified My name!
It was the flight of mice they fled,
The scurrying of roaches was their flight;
They died like dogs, and they were dead!

The pathetic inability of the old, weak, and passive jews (“human dust”) to defend themselves was of course the antithesis to the active, sabre zionist, who shaped his own destiny. It was not a big surprise to me when I came across this article about eugenics in the pre-Zionist establishment:

[I]n 1934 Dr. Meir published the following text on the first page of “Mother and Child,” a guide for parents that he edited for publication by Kupat Holim: “Who is entitled to give birth to children? The correct answer is sought by eugenics, the science of improving the race and preserving it from degeneration. This science is still young, but its positive results are already great and important – These cases [referring to marriages of people with hereditary disorders – T.T.] are not at all rare in all nations and in particular in the Hebrew nation that has lived a life of exile for 1,800 years. And now our nation has returned to be reborn, to a natural life in the land of the Patriarchs. Is it not our obligation to see to it that we have whole and healthy children in body and soul? For us, eugenics as a whole, and the prevention of the transmission of hereditary disorders in particular, even greater value than for all other nations! … Doctors, people involved in sport and the national leaders must make broad propaganda for the idea: Do not have children if you are not certain that they will be healthy in body and soul!”

I do not claim, like some people argue, that Zionism is Anti-Semitic. I would only like to argue, that the modern-day relationship between the Israeli and American Jewish communities has its roots in the Zionist superiority-complex over the old, gola Jews.

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