UJC Invites You To Celebrate Yom Kippur By Watching TV Erev Yuntiff

Jason Alexander, Mary Hart, Leonard Maltin, Larry King, and a bunch of other Jewish celebs no one could care much less about, will be participating in a nationally televised Yom Kippur service, sponsored by the UJC and Temple Shalom for the Arts, to be aired on the Hallmark Channel, Sunday at 6:30 am, and on other public access channels across the US at varying times throughout the day. (c/o The Town Crier)

“[The program] is for anyone who cannot be in temple praying and asking for forgiveness,” says Rabbi Baron of Temple Shalom for the Arts, “and for anyone who wants to share in our tradition and better understand this most holy of days for the Jewish people, the Day of Atonement.”

…Yes, share in our tradition by watching a watered down half-hour Yom Kippur service on cable television rather than going to shul. For this your sins shall truly be atoned. Ew, listen to me… Mr. Moral superior…

3 thoughts on “UJC Invites You To Celebrate Yom Kippur By Watching TV Erev Yuntiff

  1. a great idea especially for those who cannot go to shul. also how can it be defying jewish law when it goes out at 6.30am as yom kippur doesn’t come in for another 12 hours or so.

  2. sorry, i was half asleep this morning and for some reason thought yom kippur was sunday .. i’ve modified the post accordingly
    anywho–who can’t go to shul? or at least, who can’t daven? you’re gonna let some hack from a doritos commercial do your davening for you?

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