UK Protestors Shut Down Catepillar Plant

“Around a dozen people walked calmly into the Caterpillar defence plant in Shrewsbury at around midday on Tuesday, occupied various areas within the complex and shut it down for the entire afternoon. Several protester locked themselves onto factory fixtures using bicycle locks. The action took place exactly one year after US peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death under a Caterpiller bulldozer in Palestine. Protesters tried to talk to workers about Caterpillars role in killing people but management closed the plant and ordered the staff to leave after triggering the fire alarm. All the protesters were later arrested and released at around 11pm, bailed to return to face charges of attempted burglary. Police also confiscated mobile phones and video footage taken during the action.”

13 thoughts on “UK Protestors Shut Down Catepillar Plant

  1. What a bunch of hypocrites! I wonder why you never see these limousine liberals locking themselves up inside of bus factories, so that they don’t explode and kill innocent people.

  2. Both concepts are stupid. It’s like protesting at the paper mill where the Israeli government gets the paper or the humus plant that makes Sharon’s breakfast.

  3. And Rachel Corrie knew full well that Rafah is not a safe place. She knew full well that tunnels are dug to smuggle weapons into Gaza, and then into Israel. But you don’t see ISM kids riding Egged Buses to prevent Hamas of Fatah from blowing them up.

  4. yes, it’s true. but you also don’t see palestinians bulldozing israeli houses, chopping down israeli trees, stealing israeli water, banning marriage to israelis, preventing israelis from getting to work, degrading israelis at checkpoints, launching airstrikes from helicopters, or any of the other wonderful things the palestinians endure in their daily lives.
    terror doesn’t stem from religious hatred. that’s just a cover and a rallying point. the causes are much deeper, and more painful to accept, than that.

  5. when Palestinian tanks roll through Tel Aviv, and Jewish people can’t go out of their houses at night because of a curfew, and Jewish people can’t get into “Palestine” to work, and Palestinians build a huge wall through Jewish land separating them from their fields — then these “ISM kids” everyone is so scornful of will risk their lives to protect Jews.

  6. Why does the ISM have to wait for such a horrible things. Are Israeli lives any less worthy of protection then Palestinian lives? Or is that the job of the big, bad IDF? And if the job of protecting Israeli lives does belong to the IDF, then they should do it in the most effect and moral way they can. But then that becomes a debate on military tactics, and we’ve agreed that the actions of the IDF are designed to protect Israeli lives, irrelevant of how successful you or I think they might be.

  7. Actually, mo, there are known cases of terrorists torching JNF forests. And while Israelis are not physically prevented from going to work (only because they won so many wars aimed at wiping Israel off the map), they do have to seriously consider the fact that the bus ride could be fatal.
    And historically, like it or not, aid groups don’t rush to the aid of Jews. The Red Cross let the Holocaust happen mostly under their noses, and their track record since has been less than stellar. Also, I am yet to find a really good “peace” group whose website dosen’t have some pretty blatently antisemitic material. Just my opinion.

  8. antisemitic or anti-zionist alex? Sorry, but Alex is right here — racist (antisemitic) because anti-Zionist: no interest in criticizing Israeli policy, no interest in ending Israel’s occupation, because a fairly singleminded focus on ending Israel’s existence.
    Which really doesn’t help anyone. Vicky Shiran put it pretty well (quoted in the Maariv obit): Europeans sigh and say, “There they go, these Jews, bringing it on themselves again”. This demented discourse cannot be ignored. There can and must be an immediate end to the occupation and the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state, but without lies, exaggeration, double standards and fanciful romantics.

  9. you know what, i don’t hear anyone saying “There they go, these Jews, bringing it on themselves again.” no one at all.

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