UN Aide Misrepresents Self in Letter to Caterpillar

In attempting to rebuke the Caterpillar company over its sale of bulldozers to Israel, a UN aide seems to have used the wrong letterhead — that of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights!

While Ziegler’s letter was written under the letterhead of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a spokesman for that office said human rights investigators like Ziegler were “independent experts who act in their personal capacity.”


3 thoughts on “UN Aide Misrepresents Self in Letter to Caterpillar

  1. Whoops?
    What a nice ‘explanation’ for Ziegler’s behaviour by the UN itself. A simple mistake. Ho-hum…

  2. Caterpillar that Israel used the bulldozers to raze homes and destroy crops, preventing the Palestinians from obtaining adequate food supplies and aggravating their “already precarious living conditions.”
    Uh huh… by that same logic, I demand that the fertilizer, nail, and copper manufacturers stop selling to the PA, as they often turn those materials (plus a martyr or two) into a walking claymore mine.
    And in other news, the United Nations is a total success! Peace on Earth! Film at 11.

  3. When will monsieur Ziegler wirite an angry letter to Ford Motors, owners of Volvo cars?
    As you know, evil mastemind Mr. Sharon is driven in black S60s and S80s.
    And while he’s at it, monsieur should sue makers of black car paint.

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