UN Condemns Antisemitism

JPost reports,

In a break from tradition, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution Monday condemning anti-Semitism as part of a broader resolution against religious intolerance.

Israeli officials said the inclusion of a reference to anti-Semitism in what has become an annual U.N. resolution on religious intolerance constitutes a historic breakthrough.

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One thought on “UN Condemns Antisemitism

  1. I find it incredibly disturbing that a coalition of Muslim countries offered a revised version which “diluted” the reference to anti-Semitism. When “christianophobia” and “islamophobia” are explicitly mentioned, they tried to have “anti-semitism” dropped. Doesn’t the very act by a sizable portion of UN members to remove explicit references to reiigious intolerance recognized to be occurring right now in the world eviscerate the meaning of the resolution, in spirit if not on paper?
    The contradiction blows my mind. “Yes, we stand behind a resolution for religious tolerance–except for this one group whom we hate?” WTF?

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