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US Holocaust Memorial Council Censures Prager

The NY Times reports,

The board that oversees the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum here publicly distanced itself on Thursday from a member who recently condemned the first Muslim elected to Congress for planning to use a Koran during the private part of his swearing-in ceremony.
In November, the board member, Dennis Prager, a conservative commentator and radio show host, said that Keith Ellison, the newly elected Muslim member of Congress, should give up his post if he could not take his oath on a Bible, which Mr. Prager said was the traditional religious text of the United States.
In its resolution, the council’s executive committee criticized Mr. Prager’s remarks as “antithetical to the mission of the museum as an institution promoting tolerance and respect for all peoples regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.”

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12 thoughts on “US Holocaust Memorial Council Censures Prager

  1. I sent them an e-mail telling them not to dismiss him. Maybe they censored him to satisfy certain elements out there. Another dhimmi act.

  2. Yasher Koack to the Holocaust Memoirla Council for denounciing Prager’s remarks, though they should have dismissed him. To elevate Christianity to the status of a ste religion is dangerous to Jews, Muslims, and all other religious minorities. And Prager’s clearly selective focus on the first Muslim Congressman–and his desire to use the Koran in his PRIVATE swearing-in ceremony–is clearly borne of religious prejudice.
    Chaya, who are the “certain element” of whom you speak? Such far-left groups as the ADL? This isn’t the work of a sinister “certain element,” but of widespread Jewish revulsion at Prager’s comments.
    And for you to call this a “dhimmi” act shows an immense lack of proportionality and perspective. I’ve noticed that referneces to “dhimmitude” have proliferated in recent years, almost to the point that “dhimmi” is becoming the new “self-hating Jew.” Trouble is, references to “dhimmis” makes light of actual historic circumstances in which Jews suffered and against which you supposedly stand (though most histories of “dhimmitude” are pretty distorted).

  3. They should definitely have dismissed him. Prager was expressing blatant Islamophobia of the worst order, leaving aside whether advocating the Christian Bible as some sort of national text is a good idea. Which, of course, it isn’t.

  4. The only person who has the power to dismiss Prager from the museum is GWBush. Should we start a pool on when that happens?

  5. “Blatant Islamophobia”… Please. I’ve been waiting for somebody to point out even a hint of “Islamophobia” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) in Prager’s remarks. I haven’t seen an example yet (although some people seem to think that yelling “Islamophobia” really loudly and often is a comment on the target of their ire, rather than a notation of their own inability to make a normal argument).
    The council’s statement is so pathetic…just standard issue vanilla bureaucratese.

  6. although some people seem to think that yelling “Islamophobia” really loudly and often is a comment on the target of their ire, rather than a notation of their own inability to make a normal argument
    oh, like when people shout antisemitism?

  7. Ach I say! Prager is an asshat. He is also a right winger and a bad rep for the Jews. Clearly the majority of the North American Jewish population is liberal to lefty politically. This man does not represent the ideals of the Jewish community. However he does do a good job for GWB. Anonymouse Coweird hits that on the head. We aren’t going to see any changes on the BoDs of the Museum.
    Yet Islaophobia it is not. It is a stupid stupid Nationalistic and absolutely unconstitutional statement that was made.
    Prager is an asshat and most likely Islaophobic, but his statement in and of itself is dumb and rightwing but not Islaophobic.

  8. Actually Mobius I really do dislike when people shout incessantly about antisemitism! Sometimes as we all know there is antisemitism. But very often I think it does say something about a person’s intellectual weakness (or the weakness of their arguments) when antisemitism becomes the second word in any debate.

  9. Although I disagree with Pragers remarks I think were missing the issue of whether Ellison has renounced his Islamic and Anti-Semitic view which have been well documented at

  10. Good points Matt. I would add that, if you look at history, it’s not simply non-Christians who are targeted, but Christians of the “wrong” type as well. but I guess I’m not really that puzzled that they didn’t dismiss him. After all, didn’t they allow him on the board in the first place despite knowing that he was Dennis Prager?

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