We Can Still Be Anxious Just For Fun If You Want, Though

The Forward reports,

Two major new demographic studies estimate the American Jewish population at well above 6 million people, indicating a growing Jewish community that contrasts sharply with popular images of Jewish decline. In particular, scholars say, the new studies appear to refute a widely publicized survey conducted in 2001, which counted 5.2 million American Jews and sparked widespread anxiety over American Jewry’s future.

Full story here.

6 thoughts on “We Can Still Be Anxious Just For Fun If You Want, Though

  1. you know what launched in 2001?
    i’d like to personally commend them on their efforts which have clearly resulted in an increase in the jewish population of 800,000.
    mazal tov guys! we couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. but will a group of institutions built to cater to a dissapearing Jewry be able to adapt to the needs of a possibly growing Jewry?

  3. Though an understanding cultural response to the Holocaust, it seems to me the relentless Jewish emphasis on continuity has become obssessive and destructive. Want to makea meaningful contribution to Jewish life? Be a satisfied, spiritually fulfilled Jew. Stop worrying about “continuity.” Stop worrying about the liklely demise of the Conservative movement in 2073. Stop worrying about how many kids other people have, and stop the detective work on how many ways they violate kashrut and shabbos. Let’s stop worrying about everyone else, and look at ourselves instead.

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