Uzi Does It

This is my man Uzi. He’s a Yeminite medicine man who makes bitchin’ brews. His shop is in the middle aisle of the Mahane Yehuda shuk. Beyond the etrog juice and various love tonics mentioned in this article, Uzi also makes a mean ghat extract which all the bachurim swill to stay awake in the beit midrash.
Uzi’s great. He’s the kind of unexpected character who’ll drag you in the back of his shop and give you a shoulder rub while leading you on a guided meditation and doing freaky voodoish stuff like chanting and whipping you with feathers. He’ll then spray your face with citrus extract and have you do shooters of half-a-dozen different potions. Then he’ll have you draw a picture off the top of your head and break down your entire spiritual perspective to a perfect T.
The man’s a total trip, and a sweetheart, not to mention one hell of a juiciér. Props to him on the recognition.

2 thoughts on “Uzi Does It

  1. ‘Tis wild he is mentioned so highly globally! He used shop at Yaffo St’s oldest shop, Maayan Shtub, where I worked at the men’s department. He would shower blessings on all our cursed heads, and make us awesome bargains for his mean shug! Now that I know he offers love serum… good data input!

  2. I’m surprised it took this long for the man to get a little media respect. He’s such a trip. Blew me away. His stuff is fantastic, I wonder if he ever thought of mass-producing it to share with the world. Never tasted more exotic drinks in my life.

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