Yay, Jewschool Meetup!

It wasn’t a full-crew gathering but today me, Shamir Power, Shir Yaakov, Asaf, Lilit, David Kelsey, Arieh Leibowitz, Balaam’s Donkey, Mushon Zer-Aviv, and EV all got together for a ‘lil meetup on the LES to chat about Jewschool n’ stuff n’ stuff. It was nice to finally match faces to their names, many of us meeting for the first time.
We spoke a lot about where Jewschool’s heading, improvements we can make to the site, ideas for new content and functionality, and so forth. I hope to extend the conversation to some of our other contributors who weren’t able to make it, and hopefully hammer out a little consensus moving forward.
I have nothing clever or valuable to say in closing so um, yeah. I look forward to good things.

65 thoughts on “Yay, Jewschool Meetup!

  1. You guys run a great site. You really do. But you could perhaps try to, like, have some fun when y’all hang out. Consult Jewlicious to get a clue as to how it might be done. (Hint: move to a bar!!!) Next time the Jewlicious crew meets up, we’ll invite you guys along to take some notes. (And Mob, you might wanna take a page from Esther’s minute taking. These things can be reported in an interesting manner!)

  2. Whatever direction you decide to take the site in, please *don’t* kick out the right-wingers. They’re so much fun to play with. I think I may start a drinking game around their comments. E.g. take 1 drink every time they mention “self-hating Jew(s).”

  3. Ah ha ha aha hahahahahaaaa ha ahaha.
    What a fucking pussy anon is! Oh woe is me, I am so sad. Someone made fun of my stupid little blog! Boohoohoo. I think I’ll go look at some gratuitous boobies now. Why are you people so spineless?

  4. Don’t worry ck. Besides being spineless, anon is completely ignorant of the fact that Jewlicious gets something like 10,000 unique visitors a day.

  5. if jewlicious got that kind of traffic their stats would be public. rather, they’re a tightly guarded secret. and considering we rank just slightly higher than jewlicious on technorati, i assume we have a least commesurate if not higher traffic.
    also compare 3,500 inbound links to jewschool, and 1,850 inbound links to jewlicious — most of which from… oh, who’s that at the top of the list. hmmm…

  6. WOW – Mobius – I didn’t know that it was a competition? Can i just say that my Dad’s WILLY is bigger than your Dads! Come on – just get your willys out and let see who’s is bigger Jewschools or Jewcilious!?!?! (Photos please – no Photoshop Jobs Mobius) one thing is for sure – we’ll find out hows really Jewish and who’s not!

  7. it never ceases to amaze me is that whenever jewlicious picks a fight and its fans talk shit, no one seems to say boo about what pathetic spoiled sports the jewlicious crew are; but the second we stick up for ourselves here, y’all are on us like khrane on gefilte fish.
    may your eyes unceasingly water.

  8. The Talmud teaches – ‘be as flexible as a reed in the wind’ – we ask in prayer – ‘let my soul be as dust to all’ – everyone can see and make their own mind up about who people are. The point is to watch yourself – see how you react – it teaches you more about what you think about yourself than about that you think of others. – Stop re-acting! – if they want to be silly – let them! To react just means They ARE pushing your buttons!

  9. What’s a ‘spoiled sport’?
    Mob, Muffti appologizes for a gentle ribbing that you clearly took way too fucking seriously. Mano e mano, however, maybe the reason that everyone picks on you is because you take every poke as us ‘picking a fight’. Without a doubt, the Jewlicious crew has a bit of an abrasive sense of humour sometimes and we kid and throw a few light jabs. Are you so insecure that you can’t once in a while roll with the punches? If not, maybe it’s best the friendship is over; after all, who needs friends that don’t appreciate your sense of humour. But if so, could ya chill a little and stop parroting a musketeer who jumps to a duel everytime he perceives an insult, no matter how small, to his honour?
    (This isn’t to say that no one has ever attacked you or your site. Kelsey certainly gets the occasional drubbing from TM. And sometimes we take things a wee bit too far. But some day you should learn that not every invitation to dance is an invitation to fight.)

  10. i used to be friends with people who insulted me all the time; who denigrated what i was doing and beat up on me and who would then, when i would react, tell me i was being hypersensitive. the idea that they were being bad friends never even crossed their minds. “i’m just toughening you up…” they’d say. or “geez, you’re so thin-skinned.” but ya know, friends aren’t supposed to step on you, they’re supposed to support you. and while friends may occasionally fuck with each other, more often than not, they’re there to help each other. and in that case, with all the times we’ve been alikened by your crew to nazis because we’re critical of israel, orthodoxy, or establishment jewry, jewlicious has been no friend to us. be that the case, ta ta bitches. with friends like these, who needs enemas?

  11. GM, I found no humor in Middle’s nazi calling. And outside of one–and only one–of your members, I saw no real dissent from your crew.
    Your group behavior is indeed frequently a junior high school nightmare.

  12. ‘..and on the second day God made a firmament which sepperated between the two waters…’ on this day the Torah doesn’t say – ‘and it was good’ – those who are wise will understand.
    My dear holy brothers and sistas, wotz goin on? lets love each other just a little – fill your hearts with warmth – don’t you understand – you are two hands of one body? you have different functions – hitting each other will only hurt YOU – You have the power to truely change the world – well to change much of the Jewish world – well at least to have an important effect on modern Jewish culture – instead of fiting like pre-pubesant kids in a playground – why don’t you grow up – and kiss and make up – and start work on http://www.Jewschoolicious.com

  13. And here I thought, having met Mobius and others from Jewschool at the Jewish festival in NYC, that all this fighting was behind us…the mere idea that the Jewliciousers are pretentious is beyond ludicrous. I never would have found Jewlicious without Jewschool (and I never would have found Jewschool without Protocols). I still read Jewschool all the time. When I met up with Mobius and crew at the concert, I really liked them all, found them to be genuine and fun. When I hang out with the Jewlicious crew, I’m amazed that I found such people through the internet. It’s amazing to me in general that so many people are finding the cool in Judaism, staying committed while playing with language and cultural/religious concepts, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.
    But I hate infighting. Hate it. And I consider this infighting. Wrong, on any level, at any time, but especially wrong so soon into a new year. You don’t have to be friends if you really don’t like each other, but I’ve had enough of the random stabbings at each other. So cut it out, all of y’all. And I’m cross-posting this on both blogs to show you how serious I am.

  14. I gotta agree with Esther. And I want to add that to my knowledge, neither me, nor Esther, nor Laya has ever gone around making fun of Jewschool. I read Jewschool and I have for a long time. Sure, I don’t always agree, but hey, if I had a shekel for every time I’ve disagreed with another Jew, I could buy all y’all falafel.
    Hey, it’s Sukkot! We’re required to be happy, so can we stop the infighting? I mean, come on. It is, as my spamblock word says, insulting.

  15. Esther,
    If two guys are lightly pushing each other, and one kicks the other in the nuts, they aren’t “both wrong.”
    You guys want to hang out with an anonymous (and not just for one post) name caller (nazis for everyone to the left of you know who!) who makes fun of people’s physical characteristics (we’re square, we don’t do that), that’s your perogative. You want to pretend anonymity has nothing to do with it, that’s fine too. That’s only a problem (on one anonymous post) on Jewschool, right CK?
    And if you want to pretend you see no qualitative difference in his behavior and those he fights with, also your decision to live with.
    Mobious wants out of such a relationship.
    Good for him. Jewschool gave too much to you guys.
    Way too much.
    Esther, do a cheshbon. PAST NISHT.

  16. OK, Muffti sees that Kelsey is a little thin skinned too. Kelsey, you did a fine job of defending yourself and wrote some rather insulting blog posts about us. It’s cool; Muffti thought they were kind of funny, truth be told. We support you when we think you need it (CK consistently stands up for you, for the importance of your blog, for example) and we kid the rest of the time. Anyhow, whatever.

  17. I for one would rather Mobius channeled his energy into his Mazel Tov Cocktail project, rather than wasting time in flame wars. That’s so Usenet 1995. I wanna see Mazel Tov Cocktail debut already.

  18. ive never even heard of jewlicious. except off this site.
    dont bite the hand that feeds.
    har har.
    but seriously. who cares anyway.

  19. Not much is happening in Israel these days – at least not enough to warrant any “Zionist Nazis” or “Islamofacist” name calling – so I’m assuming this is a PR stunt by Mob and CK. Isn’t Mob coming to my town of Toronto to discuss such methods? Anyway, y’all make Judaism more fun. And many of projects suffer from the amount of time I spend on your sites. (posted on Jewlicious as well)

  20. Uh… wow. I am, to say the least, stunned. I actually had to step back from the computer and play with my little nephew when I saw this thread just now. I am in fact pretty supportive of Jewschool (its that weenie little anon person I have an issue with) – mobius, you really ought to have known better than to say the hurtful things you said. I can’t believe it, I am actually sad. Shana Tova dude.

  21. not sure whether to giggle or groan. can everyone stop being so fucking cool and just do the work? i don’t give a crap what gang you’re in. i’m not in a gang. i contribute to a blog. end of story. and if you’re in SF, come to my sukkah cocktail party wednesday night for an etrog drop.

  22. “give us a donation so i can pay people”
    You know, Mobius, I used to respect you but man do you have a lot of chutzpah. Why should I have to pay to see your content, especially if it’s just gonna consist of you endlessly saying, “Waah waah nobody likes me.” Good-bye and good luck, Mope-ius, you’ll need it. If you really care about Jewlicious, you’ll hand it over to one of your fine regular contributors, none of whom waste their time or ours having temper tantrums online like a baby.

  23. jerkweed, i was saying i need funding to finish building the software architecutre to handle the mazal tov cockail project, and to hire writers and researchers to generate the content.
    and once again, i love how it’s a-okay 100% in your book for jewlicious to waste space and time generating attacks against jewschool, but it’s never okay for us to stick up for ourselves.
    well no worries, going forward, jewlicious doesn’t exist in my world.

  24. i decided to remove this update from the main post, in concert with my desire to no longer reference jewlicious in any meaningful capacity on jewschool.
    In response to the “we’re cooler than you” response of the Jewlicious staff to this post allow me to just note that, no one expects a Sunday afternoon brunch to look like a throwdown at a nightclub; and just because I snapped two mediocre photos from sideways angles in the midst of our three-hour long shenanigans doesn’t mean we didn’t all have a good time. That this is an opportunity for y’all to seize on in order to make yourselves look more “fun” or more important, to me, is just a further affirmation of why, as an anonymous posters points out, Jewlicious sucks ass, and why I’ve decided our little “friendship” (in which Jewlicious spent the last year insulting our project at every available opportunity) is over.

  25. “my desire to no longer reference jewlicious”
    And now Jewlicious has to remove all the “jewschool” content from their site. And then remove any reference to “Dan” “Mobius” “Jew” “School”. Of course, if you’re shtark, you’ll remove any words with the letters “c” and “k”. In the end, both sites, will have nothing left to do but resort to porn to attract viewers. KEEP THE FIGHT GOING!!!

  26. So Jewschool is going to be Jewlicious-rein? Sheesh. Does that mean you’re also going to ban us from commenting on Jewschool? Will all references to Jewlicious automatically go to moderation and trash? Well for our part, we have no plans to remove Jewschool links and RSS feeds. The spirit of the exchange, which you mobius initiated, was a good one. But whatever, this is your site. Do whatever you like. Running into each other in Jerusalem is gonna be awkward now tho. Vaja con dios!

  27. Jewlicious, the 100% partner free site.
    Call your senior partner a nazi. Tell him he is a terrorist lover. Make fun of how he looks. Compare (earnestly) his writers to the most famous holocaust denier alive.
    Pretend things said were equally rabid on both sides.
    Scratch your head in confusion when he finally dumps you.

  28. The day we created our link exchange with Jewlicious, CK introduced the collaboration by declaring Jewschool “massive dicks in the thrall of delusional and misguided ideas,” and then ensuring, “For now I am going to try and play nice.”
    This is playing nice:
    CK says, we’re a bunch of self-hating Jews. “Blame it on Plesk, blame it on extraterrestrials, whatever… but beloved blog Jewschool as well as all associated blogs have been down since Sunday. Hipster Jews, trendy lefties, self haters and Jew geeks all over the world have been denied their regular fix.”
    Because we’re critical of the settlement venture (despite the fact that I myself hang out in various West Bank locales and have friends and family living there), CK wrote: “Laya is a Carlebach-esque Jerusalemite (originally from the US) who enjoys spending the sabbath in West-Bank settlements, so according to Jewschool she’s a fascist baby-killer.”
    The Middle repeatedly makes the claim that we at Jewschool are antisemites. “A large white guy who looked middle class enough that you’d expect him to be carrying a bag of golf clubs in his trunk at all times, began his question to Brooks as follows: ‘You belong to the Jewish Zionist Neo-con cabal that took us to Iraq’ […] Now of course it was very fashionable among Jewschool posters (Lefty circles) to bring out this accusation back when it looked like we would go to war in Iraq, and even in the first few months there.”
    When I defended myself against this very serious and harmful accusation, The Middle replied, “Sheesh, make a leeetle joke and ya make Mobi cry.” Smearing a guy who commits his life to Jewish communal service and yeshiva study an antisemite and it’s a “leeetle joke?”
    To David Kelsey, for suggesting that placing primary interest in Israel over American domestic concerns is harfmul to the Jewish community, The Middle wrote: “Your comments about dual loyalty (or preference of Israel over the US) belong in the rest of the pile with all of the trash that you spew out. Really, go post it on Jewschool or places like Stormfront.” He thus put Jewschool in the same category as a neo-Nazi hate site.
    After the Sharm al-Sheikh bombing, Grand Muffti suggested, blaming Jewschool. “And while we’re at it, let’s blame everything bad on Jewschool. Just for kicks.”
    This is just a taste, and does not even address the comments left by several Jewlicious readers and contributors in both the comments on Jewlicious and Jewschool. All make Jewschool into the straw man for every reprehensible position they wish to place upon us because some of our writers have the nerve to, for example, call the cantonization of the West Bank what it is: Apartheid. This once prompted Laya to write, “If we lose Best Israel Advocacy Blog to Jewschool I am seriously going to cry.”
    This is what I partnered with Jewlicious for? And because I’m sick of this bullshit, I’m a cry baby?
    Seriously… Fuck you guys.

  29. Dan, if nothing else, you’re the most entertaining Jew on the net. Seriously. Oh, that and your banner on your personal site is quite stunning.

  30. Actually, I should’ve stated “blog” not “net”. I mean, we all know many Jews who are doing things with their loins on the net that are more interesting than Mobius going postal.

  31. Mobius, for real:
    “After the Sharm al-Sheikh bombing, Grand Muffti suggested, blaming Jewschool. “And while we’re at it, let’s blame everything bad on Jewschool. Just for kicks.””
    OK, honestly, if that doesn’t read like a joke and reference to a friendly rivalry, then you must think the Muffti to be completely fucking insane. Anyhow, looking over the comment, truth is, you really do seem like a little cry baby who can’t take the criticism that is jokingly phrased as an insult.
    Perhaps, to put things in context, you should look at the way we talk to each other in the Jewlicious neck of the woods. Laya’s heartfelt posts get called ‘existential rants’. Muffti is routinely hauled out for abuse for atheism by posters and readers alike. TM has been called ‘the destroyer of Judaism!’ CK gets called derogatory names all the time by Muffti and TM. Muffti even trashed Nice Jewish Girl! We sorta leave Esther alone because she writes better than all the rest of us and we are too scared.
    In general, read the blog and you’ll note that it is a tad aggresive at times, and that most things get phrased as hyperbole. As Ariela said when her blog was up (paraphrasing) ‘we keed’! Does this mean we never go too far? No. It’s the nature of the beast to once in a while cross a few lines. Oh well. Sorry if it was all too much for you too handle.

  32. Dan, you’re… uh, certainly entertaining. That’s a nice piece of research you did there. I thought what was cool about our “partnership” or whatever, was that we could take the piss out of each other (jewel encrusted anus) and still have a beer and be chill with each other. I’m not going to sugar cot anything though. Some of the stuff you say and some of your posters deeply offends me, but so what? Its the dialogue that’s important, regardless of how heated it gets.
    And I put my money where my mouth is. Any chance I have ever had to get you some cash via banner ads etc., I have. All in the interest of dialog. I’m sorry that you have issues with all that. Your bitterness is disconcerting really. But like I said, it’s your gig. Do whatever you feel is neccessary. You’re offended that we find offense in your use of the term Apartheid in reference to Israel? That we vehemently disagree with Asaf and John Brown? This surprises you? Oh well. Frankly, I don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors here. All this does not make you, and by extension Jewschool look so good, but it’s your call. Best of luck with all your current and future projects. Chag Sameach!

  33. please: Stop the lashon hara. this is embarrassing and a chillul hashem. jeeze, i love judaism, but sometimes, i really hate jews. i spent my entire 4 years of public high school (said to be some of the most turbulent and unsure years in one’s life) repping the jewish people. i wore a kippah at all times and my tzitzit flapping for the world to see. i welcomed every curious enquiring into my faith, and i was never embarrassed to be who i was… until now. stop this mindless meanness. stop the name calling. whenever you presume to know someone, you’re wrong. this is crossposted on both blogs, so do not assume i am being overly biased.

  34. i’m called an antisemite, a self-hating jew, a terror sympathizer, and my website is likened to a neo-nazi hate site — all for being critical of israel and sharing relative positions to those of international human rights organizations, which you ultimately deem “offensive.” and when i refute these smears, i’m told i’m being a baby who can’t take a joke. repeatedly.
    well which one is it, are you joking with me, or are you insulting me because i offend you? i think you’re insulting me, i’m not stupid enough to stand there and take it, and your cover is to flip it back on me and try to make me feel bad about myself for “not being able to poke fun at myslef.”
    and you keep bringing up these ads… dangling them over me like a major favor. you sold a grand total of three ads on my site in a year — one of them to yourself. and i waited how long to actually get paid for it? and the amount of time you took to get the deals going? and the amount of time your ad server was down mid-year? how many times year have you disappeared off the face of the earth? go through the comments on jewlicious and you’ll see a half a dozen clients pleading “how can i get a hold of him” and you posting a hotel telephone number somewhere. i know people who are still waiting for t-shirts…
    that’s why i wanted to think over the last ad you offered me. muffti’s latest remarks — and the counsel of observant friends — sealed the deal: “thanks, but no thanks.”
    i don’t think you’re a bad guy. i remember when i was a madman before you and you took pity on me. but i just don’t really approve of our dynamic. you guys bring out the worst in me. so i’m taking my ball and going home.
    chag sameach.

  35. What a bitter, immature little man you are, Mobius. Grow up will you? You are embarassing yourself. You & your crew are very shallow thinkers churning out dreary and humourless pap, the kind favoured by typical pseudo leftist undergrads. Why read your blog when there is Counterpunch?
    Jewlicious is a breath of fresh air. And you can’t handle it. And that is the truth.

  36. Mobius,
    Oy. Dude. We’ve been to the same weddings we’ve hung in the same crowd. I have nothing against you. I have never insulted you or your blog. So maybe from me you can hear this:
    Do what you want, but I think you are being silly. I mean really silly.
    You dish it out, so you have to be able to take it. It’s how the game it played, especially by male bloggers of the world, and you are no exception. Sorry if you are hurt, but there’s no need for overreaction.
    It is not a popularity contest. Your blog speaks to a certain segment of the jewish population that ours does not, you have your audience, we have ours. Sometimes our readers overlap, but we both have our places in the blogosphere. Don’t act like you are threatened. Be secure in the service and dialogue you provide. You hit a market, revel in it.
    I’ve appreciate your tech advise but if you really want to rid yourself of all things Jewlicious, I won’t ask anymore.
    I’m sorry that you feel we bring out the worse in you. I really am. But hey, you do what you need to do, but you could take a higher road, and learn how to grow from it rather than ridding yourself of the challenge.

  37. I’m not sure if you know – when my site first came online in 2000 it got sh*t loads of really rude and bad mouthed comments (lots of vulgar expletives – which also included references to my Mother!?) – mainly from Lubavitchers – people who you’d like were otherwise frum, it is the nature of digital democracy! and some guy even managed to hack my site and bring it down for a day or so – and yes i got angry – but you know -I took a deep breath in – turned my puter off, went out with friends – had a great time, (eventually) got laid, got a life and I really didn’t care. There is a moral to this story!

  38. dan- are we editing the comments again? th e comments I made the toehr day on this disappeared. When we don’t like our critics we burn their books and ban them from our blogs? how childish.

  39. Wow, this is interesting. It’s not even a week past Yom Kippur, and already you guys are at each other’s throats.
    I am a Righty myself, and I have decided to try and be nice to Leftists when I get on their websites… You guys sure aren’t giving me much incentive to do such.

  40. I regularly visit both Jewschool and Jewlicious. In the end, people come to blogs more for what bloggers link to than for what bloggers have to say… At least that’s why I do. Sometimes I find Mob’s stuff quiet interesting but I enjoy Jewlicious more. Sorry Mob.

  41. Honestly, I come here just some Mobius will insult me. I find myself rather amuzed by it. Though it’s not quite as fun as the little ‘tiff’ I had with Congresswoman Kay Granger a few years back (she holds a little more clout, so it’s a lot more fun for her to be angry with me).

  42. This saddens me greatly. So you decided to take “the counsel of observant friends.” Did they also counsel you to turn this into a giant spectacle? Did they counsel you to innaccurately and publicly slag my business and threaten my parnassah? Did they counsel you to call us brownshirts?
    Prior to any of this happenning, you received 2 emails from me – those would have given you ample opportunity to address your concerns with me like a mensch. Instead you went off – and on Yom Tov too so I couldn’t reply. One of your wise friends, after gleefully noting that you had “kicked us to the curb” implied that we were motivated in our Jewschool bashing by the desire to impress “potential donors.” For the record Jewlicious has never solicited community funds, nor do we plan to. Why should we? This doesn’t cost us anything to run. We’re all volunteers and we do it for fun and the occasional drunken escapade funded by me. We have the occasional advertiser but I always try to spread the love. Hence your banners which, if I am not mistaken, have generated you over $600 this year. How much cash have your wise friends ponied up?
    I could go on and on, but I won’t. I still stand by the notion that I have been a good friend to you. I’ve been supportive when times were tough and, despite assertions to the contrary, in the past year Jewlicious has been the no. 1 source of referers to Jewschool. Yeah, we tease but it goes both ways with nary a peep from us. Your outburst was ill advised and saddenned me greatly. Once again, best of luck with all your future projects.

  43. Did they counsel you to innaccurately and publicly slag my business and threaten my parnassah?
    do you think for even a fraction of a moment that when you and your crew make “jokes” about us being self-hating jews, nazis, etc. that that doesn’t hurt my parnassah?
    it is never funny or okay to call your fellow jew — especially publically — self-hating, an antisemite, nazi-like, etc. etc. because you disagree with them about their political views. you guys made a career out of doing that to me and the other people on my site. that i finally got sick of it shouldn’t surprise you. it should be expected.
    worse yet, you create an environment of contempt in which your fans all pile on top of me and denigrate me and my project after you give them the green light. read shmiras haloshen by the chofetz chaim… what you do regularly is considered a worse sin than murder.
    and when i snap back, justifiably feeling stepped on, i’m the “immature, insecure, pathetic little man.”
    and again all of this, why? because we disagree about what is the best approach to bringing peace to the nation of israel.
    i didn’t make those remarks about the banner shit to hurt your parnassah, rather just to say, stop hanging that shit over my head — also publically — like you did me the biggest favor ever. you bring it up over and over and over again. i never said i was ungrateful for you bringing me ads; but i am ungrateful for you hanging it over my head like i should be forever indebted to you. that’s the “coercive force” they mention in viduy on yk. read the laws of tzedakah. the entire approach is assur.
    i like you in person as a person dave, but i don’t like what you and your crew do to me online. that to you guys i’m all the things your crew and your readers say about me, particularly because i’ve stood up for myself, just convinces me how fucked our community is and how much harder i need to work.

  44. Dan, you crack me up. The banners were not tzedakah – they were business and proof of our support. I do not exhort anyone to gang up on you – not my fellow bloggers or anyone that reads Jewlicious. If you call Israel an Apartheid state, you ought to expect some backlash. But most importantly, you chose to make this public. It didn’t have to go down this way. You and yours made the brownshirt reference and you and yours deleted the links and the rss feeds. We’re still into dialogue and so we are loathe to censor anyone. That’s why the Jewschool feed and link remains. You however are acting in exactly the same way you accuse us of acting. Seriously Dan, ask around. Who do you think walked away from this looking bad?
    Mamash chaval.

  45. guys, are you sure we goyim have anything to learn from you?…
    look if you have more things in common instead… if you keep doing that, how long more do we need to wait for Mossiach? this world as it is sucks big time and we need a cosmic revolution ASAP.

  46. here’s an example of how great our exchange has been ck…
    the one and only time in the entire history of jewschool where i “take the piss out of you” you come back by attacking me personally and publically:
    “Pot shots? I was merely stating facts – facts that your pathetic little attempt at Bronfman tuchus licking confirm (will this continue to be a recurring theme now that your funding request was denied?).”
    the funding request was private information between us that you used as ammunition to attack me when my joking wasn’t funny to you. hypocrite.
    now if you google jewlicious on jewschool you will find not one other occassion where we “take the piss out of you” … in fact, you can only find me giving you props like graciously responding to laya’s remarks about us winning for israel advocacy making her want to cry.
    why is it that none of you can admit that calling jewschool’s readership self-hating, and likening our site to stormfront doesn’t harm my site or my parnassah? why is it that you can get away with doing that for a whole year without me saying boo about it, and the one day i’m sick of it i’m accused of throwing a tantrum?
    why do i look bad here? because i’m not gullible and stupid and won’t cow to being ganged up on like a good little jew surrounded by brownshirts? seriously… go to hell.

  47. *Sigh* So sad. I don’t really recall a conversation about Bronfman money. My statement was conjecture. But if my recall is innaccurate then by all means please accept my apologies and feel free to delete any statement I’ve made that detrimentally affects you. Recall that in the post you put up, I didn’t start the razzing.
    Also, you really need to stop the Brownshirt analogies. Not for the sake of my fragile ego, but for your own sake. It makes you seem a little… shrill. Don’t take my word for it – ask anyone around you who you feel sincerely cares about you. Just sayin’
    For the record, I have, you know, friends. They work for uh… people. They’ve asked me about you and how reliable you’d be if you got some $$. I was always very encouraging. If you ever get rejected for money, it’s despite my vocal support. Sadly, I cannot confirm this without violating a trust, as it is, I am just barely onthe edge of that now. But whatever, I have to go. I’m on my way to Hades.

  48. For the record Moe, I am glad that we are on the same page on the 50 shekel thing. Even us guys on the opposite ends of the spectrum can come together when our Jewish heritage is being assaulted. That’s why we’ll survive, because at the end of the day, Jews stick together when it truly counts.

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