I know that JewSchool readers are an informed and proactive bunch– so maybe I’m preaching to the choir. But if you’re a registered American citizen sitting on your ass and reading this post during voting hours on Tuesday 11/2… stop and get thee to a polling place. There can’t be any doubt of this election’s massive importance to the American Jewish community, Israel… and pretty much everyone else too.

And if you need some relief from hackery, punditry and the inevitable recount or two, click around this site (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is one of my favorites).

4 thoughts on “::VOTE::

  1. Clearly, ur moma is a Kerry supporter. But there’s still time to vote for Bush and avoid having “Israel and the Jews of America get fucked in this election”.

  2. If there is anything I like more than an elephant, it’s a powerful Bush.
    Top Reason for being a Canadian and hating Kerry:
    1. He is a protectionist.
    – no more softwood lumber
    – no more Alberta beef
    – no more Ontario steel
    I, for one, welcome our re-elected Incumbent Overlords!

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