Vote for us for homecoming queen!

Just kidding!
Show your love for Jewschool in the 2007 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards!
Jewschool has been nominated in the following categories:
Best Group Blog
Best News/Current Events Blog
Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog
Best Left-Wing Political Blog
Best Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog
Best Designed
Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference
And don’t forget to give love to Radical Torah, Orthodox Anarchist, and our friends at The Kvetcher, Kosher Eucharist, JVoices, JSpot, The Jew & The Carrot.
Preliminary round voting is open til Sunday.
Click here to cast your vote.
On a side note, in an article on the Jewish blogosphere in the March 2006 edition of Jewish Socialist magazine, Cliff Singer wrote:

Jew School has become a bastion of Jewish blogging, with 30 contributors and more than 50,000 readers per month, and is one of the few liberal sites nominated in the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards. Sieradski says the real problem isn’t bias in the awards, but in the online Jewish community. He told Jewish Socialist: ‘I get riled up because I have a hard time accepting that the Jewish community – which is primarily liberal and progressive – should appear to be so overrepresented by the religious right… The domination of the blogosphere by the Jewish right is a stain on our community and reflects poorly on us internally and externally.’

Though it didn’t make it into the publication, I followed up on that remark by saying that my goal, at the time, was to help foster a larger, stronger left-wing Jewish blogosphere, by providing technology, design and marketing support to other individuals and organizations that wanted to get in on the blogging action.
Last year, there were only six politically left-wing blogs nominated throughout the entire JIBs contest, three of which were my own, and one of which was a Jewschool contributor’s blog. I’m very pleased to say that this year, there are 18 blogs nominated in the left-wing politics category alone (in fact, this is the first year a left-wing category was merited), and of those 18, two are sites of my own, and four are sites that I worked on. There are, beyond the left-wing category, at least a half-dozen other blogs nominated which I either designed, hosted, or consulted on.
Which leads me to conclude that even if I don’t win any awards this year, I have already won, in a certain respect, by having so clearly succeeded in my goal.

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