Voting Open for the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards

Voting has opened for The 2005 Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards. Please show your love. Vote for Jewschool (us!), Orthodox Anarchist (me!), The View From Here (Harry!), Jerusalem Syndrome (Danya!) & Mah Rabu (BZ!).
Don’t forget, you can vote once every three days between now and January 19th!
Also, could someone please explain to me how The Yada Blog didn’t get nominated for anything?

One thought on “Voting Open for the Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards

  1. I Know! Yadda Blog wasn’t nominated? That’s like the best JBlog ever! I was thinking that the other day. How did that happen? How did y’all not nominate one of your own, let alone a blog of such greatness?? So many other blogs are mere derivatives of Yadda. Binyamin Cohen practically invented the genre of Jewish pop culture blogging. Such a shanda I tell you.

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