7 thoughts on “We Are All One Under God

  1. Thanks for sharing the picture.
    But I find it jarring, and not because of the Barbies. Jen entitled her post “The Clone Minyan.” Isn’t the idea of a clone minyan something of a yetzer hara/temptation? I bet lots of people choose a synagogue or minyan based on the assumption that “The other people there are just like me!” That’s a scary idea, and a temptation to overcome… Something to think about.

  2. MC Jujitsu:
    Get a kung fu grip! There is nothing in the picture destructive of Judaism – I mean, come on, traditionally women have worn tallit and tefillin for many generations, even if not all of them did, and reading Torah by women is countenanced by no lesser authority than the Talmud. I don’t love Barbie, but it’s cute and funny in the use to which it (she?) has been put.

  3. This picture has to be taken seriously. It might seem to be an innocent joke, but by mocking the prayer that is so important to us Jews it is just the opposite. For hundreds of years Jewish people have found meaning in the shacharit prayer and have attended synagogues everyday. This picture of Barbies, which are a pop cultural icon and a symbol of American materialism’s, wearing tafilin and talasim are associating our wholly and spiritual prayer with the immoral western culture. Behind everything there is an intention and a connotation, sometime you just have to open your eyes.

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