6 thoughts on “We Need A Mensch!

  1. i don’t want to be trite or hackneyed or anything, and aparently this is no fault of mr baruch, as the source material was dictated to him, but the video to me seemed a tad offensive in that it not only re-enforced repressive and cliched gender roles, but it also sexistly whitewashed our own history. traditionally, it was the amazingly capable balaboosta who ran the business and such (“paid the bills adequately,” in the words of the assuredly now-classic frumster.com ditty) and NOT the husband (he was off learning Torah, a valuable exercise to be sure… but Torah don’t pay the bills… unless you’re Abramoff ;-)…) Still, the cartoon itself was very cute and enjoyable. kudos to you mr baruch, for squeezing some quality out of the lackluster and pedestrian script you were given, I just wish the source material corresponded with your talent.

  2. It is nicely done in terms of the production values, but the man’s search for a woman who cooks and doesn’t shop too much and the woman looking for a dude to pay the bills is just disgusting.

  3. Get a life everyone. It’s really ridiculing stereotypes and instead reflecting (in a humorous way) on the stupidity of both gender perceptions

  4. Oh Ben Baruch you’re ridiculous. Who gives a crap about stereotypes? Social justiceniks should stop taking themselves so seriously and lighten up every once in a while.

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