Multifaith Mishegaas

  • It seems with New Line’s just-announced Virgin Mary, we’re going to get a prequel to The Passion of the Christ.
  • Jesus is on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Sort of.
  • Pork soup and homeless Muslims. What … are there no homeless Jews in France?
  • God Almighty vs. the almighty dollar. Let’s get ready to rumble.
  • Christian groups are dictating what we watch on TV: First this, and now this.

3 thoughts on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. So if a homeless Jew is going to a goyish soup kitchen, does it really matter if he’s eating treif beef or pig products?
    Yes, why haven’t the Jewish welfare services located him/her?
    No, treif is treif. It’s actually worse to eat bugs.

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