6 thoughts on “Kumah Cheats Their Way to the Top

  1. “Jewish bloggers for responsible speech online,” eh?
    So the fact that someone voted for Kumah more often then permitted – knowing full well that it leads to disqualification – merits implying that all the bloggers at Kumah “cheat” eh? So now, for eternity, anyone who googles “kumah” will find this nice little post and the integrity of these folks will be called into question.
    Really lame, Mobius. If I didn’t have this picture of the Chofetz Chaim staring at me from your comment-section entry form I would be inclined to imply that you have run out of rational arguments, are disappointed that your little feud with Kumah has failed to turn into a cat-fight of personal attacks, and using your ample technological knowhow, engineered the Kumah vote stuffing to eliminate the competition.

  2. Has anybody else noticed that the JIBAs have reached a heretofore-unknown level of idiocy? I mean, accusing people of engineering voting ploys in order to “eliminate the competition”? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Have you all forgotten that this is ultimately a little awards show whose only prize is a little graphic to put on your website, and not fucking Chechnya?
    Repeat after me: nobody cares. Nobody cares. Nobody cares.
    Eliminate the competition…geez.

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