"Welcome to Hitler's Cross, may I take your order?"

This is just special.

So, I suppose it’s fair dinkum that Hitler appropriated the swastika for his own twisted purposes… and now the people of mumbai are just taking it back. Without echoing the linked articled too much, a new eatery, called ‘Hitler’s Cross’ recently opened in India.

Filing under ‘B*tch, Please’, is manager Fatima Kabani, who said:

“This place is not about wars or crimes, but wherepeople come to relax and enjoy a meal.”


I am mollified.

So. Does this qualify as just cross-eyed bucktoothed ignorance that you might find in backwoods Arkansas? Or genuine good ol’ boy Anti-Jewiness?

31 thoughts on “"Welcome to Hitler's Cross, may I take your order?"

  1. Four Buffoons
    Belsky, Chaim Neuhoff (Tuvya), Kolko and Marguilies,
    Are sick verminous slime who are so sickly warped in their twisted view of Judaism that they clearly are making buffoons out of their collective selves.
    We all KNOW now that Belsky ABSOLUTELY VIOLATES HALACHA B’SHITA, by allowing Neuhoff to ‘out’ UOJ with out so much as a phone call, to speak with him personally (as a human would) beforehand
    Picture this:
    In my shul on shabbos I saw a ‘halachic’ discourse paper by belsky, in it he had 29 different retarded ‘shailos’ about milk and meat.
    Questions such as:
    1. what if chew meat for .5 seconds and then spit it out.
    2. what if I ‘swish’ (yes this is the word they used- “swish” clearly imbecilic) my mouth with clear chicken soup and spit.and on and on and on…the singular focus on sheer stupidity..
    But to say one god damn thing about child abuse- NNNOOO!!
    I literally daven everyday for belsky to be removed from any ‘rabinic’ position that he has and for the ‘Ha’mon Am’ to wake up to the scam that represents the current jewish rabbinate.
    I am starting a blog that will be entirely un-moderated and will be a forum for all to reveal their own personal stories of how belsky and the corrupt rabbinate have injected their vile slime and crooked ‘decrees’ and ‘psaks’, in the guise of das torah, into their lives.

  2. i’m gonna take a wild guess, Crazy, and say you posted this in the wrong thread.
    that you are genuinely bathsit crazy.
    either way.
    luck with that whole un-moderated blogforum thingie.

  3. Good ol’ boy oppotunistic Anti-Jewiness. This is completely reprehensible and I sure hope that the IJF is successful at shaming them to change their name. In the meantime, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mel Gibson show up for dinner at this classy establishment.

  4. Dede writes:
    “they’re completely fucking clueless to the point of absurdity”
    Yup. I’ve been to India a couple of times. The controversial name is all about making a buck. The owners really don’t need to worry about Jewish patronage to stay in business, let alone worrying about a mob of irate Jews burning their restaurant down. As the article mentions, most of India’s Jews moved to Israel years ago. The few that remain are mainly centered in Cochin (Kerala) which is far to the south.
    However, they know better than to name the restaurant in a manner that is offensive to Muslims. If they did, you can bet it would have ben burned down within a week. Same if someone names a restaurant “Kill a Cow House,” the Hindus would not stand for it.
    In any case, this sh*t is wack and is yet more evidence that the one group its acceptable to dis is the Jews. The developers are Sablok Builders Group. Hopefully the IJF can dig up some dirt on them.

  5. this is disgusting and absurd. is there anything that we can do as jews from other countries to support the IJF? if anyone knows of a petition circulating or other forums to take action about this, please post. thanks.

  6. Bucktooth craziness is a good assessment…this name associates poor taste with the new restaurant. There’s being different to make a buck, and then there’s trying to make profit from the pain and suffering inflicted by a mass-murdering madman.
    The swastika is one of the most ancient and common symbols of humanity – Hitler tried to pervert it, and I think the power of that symbol turned on him. I hope that it does the same with these restaurant owners in Mumbai.

  7. “In any case, this sh*t is wack and is yet more evidence that the one group its acceptable to dis is the Jews.”
    Well, it depends on the neighborhood. Is anyone noticing how acceptable racism is no again? The anti-PC backlash is in full effect, and it’s now safe to steryotype and even resent any group you think is wrong.
    It’s kind of a smarter, more focused racism than before, more self aware of what exactly is being resented. But yeah, sounds like a fun place for travelling Germans and Muslims to hang out.

  8. I just wanted to post an e-mail an Indian friend wrote me after I forwarded him this article. He is very wise and is very embarassed about this;
    Yaicha hi,
    Thanks for sending the article. I am truly sorry to see such ignorance on a fellow Indian’s part. Honestly, I am very embarassed about it. I don’t know which part of his ass that restaurant owner pulled this name out of. However, he seems to have no sense of history.
    It is true that swastika as an emblem came from the ancient Vedic texts. In Hindu context it is looked upon as a symbol of something auspicious. It is used in most ceremonies such as birth, marriage, housewarming, inauguration etc. However, it has nothing to do with Nazism. Hitler infact appropriated/stole it and put it out of context and used it as an Aryam totem. Also, the Hindu swastika looks distinct from the Nazi swastika.
    Hope this will not change your opinion about India and Indians. I sincerely wish that they do something about this so-called brand.
    In between Yankees kicked some Bostonian ass. On a different note, despite the contract regarding clean honest American looks Jason Giambi still looks like a pirate.

  9. “It’s kind of a smarter, more focused racism than before, more self aware of what exactly is being resented. But yeah, sounds like a fun place for travelling Germans and Muslims to hang out.”
    – That’s one of the most brilliant self-contradictions I’ve read in a long time 🙂

  10. Miss Yaicha,
    Please tell your Indian friend that his comments are thoughtful, accurate and appreciated, and that I look forward to increasingly close alliances with India for both Israel and the USA. However, his baseball allegiances are appalling.

  11. J- Thank you and F-you!!! Haha, no seriously, coming from a born and bred die hard Yankee fan, I am offended by your comment. I think the Yankees are making up for lost time and are proving they kick ass!!!!! But Giambi does indeed resemble a pirtae. Arrr.

  12. The Yankees are proving that with unlimited money (like that used to buy Abreu and Lidle) you can buy a division. Yawn. Seriously, what could be a better symbol of rich-kid wastefulness than buying A-Rod and not even using him as a shortstop?

  13. All I have to say to that is….why ya gotta be such a hater, J? No, seriously, I realize the “downfalls” of being a Yankee….I get crap all the time. I know Steinbrenner buys his team. But….well….I don’t really have an excuse for that, but when you’re entire family are New York Jews and you are raised by a sports obsessed radio-talk show host, you can’t shake it. There is nothing like a Yankee game in the Bronx. There’s nothing like seeing them beat the crap outta Boston. Forgive me for being a blind Yankee fan, but it makes me happy. Especially when I am stuck in Oregon…..

  14. Hey, no argument against the blindness. After a whole day of being forced to make rational legal arguments with opposing attorneys and judges, then having to rationally defend my political and religious views against all comers, there’s nothing better than good irrational screaming at a ball game. My team is good, the other is evil…because I say so, and that’s IT.

  15. I am an indian and I am truly sorry for this non sense. I would say almost 100% of educated indians (hindus) have good opionions about Jewish people.
    This restaurant owner is just cheap a$*, either does not understand the meaning of this or just retarded.
    In India, Swastika ( which literaly means good symbol in Sanskrit-anciet indian language) is widely used for different festival, important ceremonies. It symbolizes good begining.
    It has got nothing to do Hitler’s Swastika.

  16. I am an Indian and I think the Sablok’s are sick, twisted and perverts. I saw this Sablok chaps interview on NDTV a local 24X7 English News channel just when I was reading Mila 18 by Uris (strange coincidence) last evening and this common variety Ass was so smug with this Hitlers Cross name. Obviously young Mr Sablok has no sense of history. I wanted to give him a right kick. He condems us Indian’s with his ignorance.

  17. Hi Ppl
    I was browsing and i stumbled upon this blog. These jocks (the restaurant promoters) are far removed from what an urban Indian youth would think like… I personally think this is a pure publicity gimmick, waht with international news agencies and internet blogs/sites discussing the restaurant.. for all you know this might be a dingy 2×2 mash joint serving tasteless crap.. and in all probablity it is.
    if it helps, the Israeli and German consulates are trying to get the authorities to “persuade” the owners to re think their branding … also the Jewish Community representatives are filing a police case… but i think they have managed to pull out a rabbit… free publicity…

  18. This embarrasses me too. They don’t speak for India or Hinduism. They’re a bunch of spoilt ignorant brats who know nothing of history. Keep in mind that India’s Bollywood elite is not known for humanitarian or logical views.
    Oh and I never watch crappy bollywood films. That’s another thing about India that embarrasses me.

  19. “In India, Swastika ( which literaly means good symbol in Sanskrit-anciet indian language) is widely used for different festival, important ceremonies. It symbolizes good begining. It has got nothing to do Hitler’s Swastika.”
    This is partially correct. The Hindu use of the swastika is not related to fascism. However, Hitler appropriated the swastika as an ancient Aryan symbol in his attempt to link Germanic peoples to the “Aryan race.”
    Many historians in the twentieth century (and some today as well) traced the development of Sanskrit to Aryan invaders from Iran who also brought the Vedas (early Sanskrit scriptures) and the caste system to India. Over time, the invading Aryans blended with the indigenous Dravidians giving rise to the religion we know today as Hinduism. This narrative is being challenged today but it is still taken as authoritative by many in the field.
    Also, MS Golwarkar and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological predecessors of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were outspoken in their admiration for Hitler, the Nazis, and the S.S. His book “Bunch of Thoughts” is blatantly anti-Semitic. You can have a look at it online here:
    In “We, or Our Nationhood Defined,” Golwalkar wrote:
    “German national pride has now become the topic of the day. To keep up the purity of the nation and its culture, Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of the Semitic races the Jews. National pride at its highest has been manifested here. Germany has also shown how well nigh impossible it is for races and cultures, having differences going to the mot (?), to be assimilated into one united whole, a good lesson for us in Hindustan to learn and profit by. This had its root in the idea that being a Hindu was a matter of race and blood, not only a matter of culture. In turn that was an idea which was strikingly similar to the racial myths celebrated in Germany, more than in Italy.”
    In the contemporary political climate, however, the ire of the BJP has been focused on Muslims. But who knows? Maybe the owner of this restaurant has some old-school RSS roots.

  20. It occurs to me that there must be a good number of World War II veterans in Mumbai. I seem to recall that most (all?) of the Indians involved saw action against the Japanese, not the Germans, but still. Possibly there are veterans organizations in Mumbai that might take an interest here.
    To the commenters from India above, rest assured that my opinion of over one billion Indian citizens is not diminished because of the actions of two jackasses in a restaurant.

  21. WEVS1 — actually, there are no more than 25 Jewish families left in the Cochin area, as I learned at the synagogue there. Bombay, and to a lesser extent Pune, have much larger communities, for the most part Bene Israeli.

  22. Hi Ppl, please do Not to take offence to this ignorant and spoilt Ashole who doesnt know shit abt shit.., iam sure the authorities are going to change his branding and put some sense into this jakas. NoDoubt He defenetly shamed the whole nation with his BollyWood Ignorance.

  23. “actually, there are no more than 25 Jewish families left in the Cochin area, as I learned at the synagogue there. Bombay, and to a lesser extent Pune, have much larger communities, for the most part Bene Israeli.”
    I didn’t realize the Mumbai Jewish community was larger than that in Cochin. But it makes sense. As you know Mumbai is a heck of a lot bigger than Cochin! Thanks for informing me.

  24. They may want to “rethink their branding” since the URLs http://www.hitlerscross.com and http://www.hitlerscross.in are no longer available. Hmm, and they ironically redirect the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website which is featuring the exhibit “Antisemitism: A Continuing Threat.” (Hopefully, visitors to the site will take note of the title bar on the website, which reads “Why naming a restaurant after Hitler is NOT Funny.”

  25. WEVS1,
    Like other posters from India, I would like to extend an apology to the Jewish community on behalf of this idiot. I’m glad to know that you are not holding that against Rest of the one billion of us. 🙂 What this the owner or any other admirers of Hitler in India probably don’t know is Hitler would have given us the same treatment as Jews or even worse (like he did it to Gypsies) because we are physically different and darker that European Jews.
    The Bene Israeli community is native to Mumbai (Bombay) and surrounding region (Konkan).

  26. hey i am an indian born in america so i understand and respect the sensitivity of the holocaust…however we sort of need to step out of the bubble for a second…regular indians in india dont see ww2 like we do because ww2 wasnt as much apart of their history….hitler to a regular indian is thought of as an emperor of the past like alexander, napolean, genghis khan, stalin…etc. regular indians arent taught the specifics of the holocaust or how many innocent were killed or how hitler was any more evil than any other ruler..actually many indians supported germany during ww2 because indians opposed the british at the same time…that support for germany had nothing to do with jewish persecution…it was dealing with indian independence…hitler is seenas any other empirical ruler that killed millions of people and is apart of history…this is an example of ignorance- not anti-semitism…actually i think it was the israeli government that stated that india is one of the few places in the world where the jews escaped persecution….

  27. Idiot and a half. Manager seems to be of the Islam faith. The choice in name doean’t seem to be an acident. IDIOTS. They should all be stoned!!

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