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Welcome to the Red Cross… aaaand f* you

You can join the club just try to not to look too Jewish while doing it.
I mean… a Red Diamond?
What the $%^& is that?
I’m actually unreasonably offended: the Muslims can flex the crescent, the Christians can wave the crucifix, but we have to castrate our sigil because… what? What possible fair reason can they have for that?

One thought on “Welcome to the Red Cross… aaaand f* you

  1. To add insult to that, Iran actually has its own symbol that is recognized by the Geneva convention as a valid symbol for membership–the emblem of the shah dynasty, which is a lion holding a sword, in front of a sun. Since the revolution, they haven’t used it, but it is recognized at the same status that are the cross, the crescent, and now the ‘neutral’ diamond…i was thinking israel should call it the lion of judah and use it as our own symbol, just to stick it to the ayatollahs that have blocked us from using the magen david adom for so long…
    see here for the symbol:
    I believe Eritrea and Kazakstan are not officially members either because of their use of both the crescent and the cross in their own symbols. Also, both India and Sri Lanka attempted to start using a red swastika, in line with the Hindu religion, not nazi-ism, but those were rejected as well. I would say I prefer us having to use the red diamond if it means no one will be marking their hospitals with a red swastika.
    while our admission to the ICRC is a positive development for us as a nation and for the jewish people and for the world, its definitely obscene that it took 60 yrs for our admission and that we still cant get the actual megan david fully approved…

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