15 thoughts on “WE’RE #1!

  1. doesn’t the fact that Jew watch keeps on rising again mean that they’re running the same game we are (as in getting ppl to click and link to them?). Because if so then i think i’m gonna puke… hopefully on one of them 😛

  2. And, if you point your attention to http://www.a9.com (amazon’s new search engine, built on top of google), you’ll see that Jew Watch isn’t even a search result.
    But I doubt Google will be replaced as ‘the’ search engine for a while.

  3. Earlier today, I had Wiki first, Jew Watch second, and my roommate, who’s computer is plugged into the next port on the same LAN, had Jew Watch first and Wiki second. We tried multiple times. Now we both have Wiki at number one. I’m not sure Google is as rock solid as they claim. Additionally, an email about the topic went out on the Hillel list. This is getting some big publicity (too bad you’re not getting enough credit mo).

  4. Mo,
    The Hillel discussion was mostly about Weinstock, but there was some discussion about Google bombing. A list of the threads for April (there were several emails) is at http://tinylink.com/?JsZgcVw9Un It should be near the bottom, depending how long you wait. The conversation about the ethics of the petition is ongoing.

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