6 thoughts on “We're Not Right-Wing!

  1. What the hell is the story in this post? What are you bringing to attention. Let’s see we got the title and the picture with caption.
    who cares if some critic makes a negative criticism that this company made a partner with someone right wing. How about this criticism: its good that this company partnered with arutz-7. It is a good station that didn’t skew the facts to make a stupefyingly evil disengagement look like its a good thing to do.
    The Jewish Left makes me want to cry, and throw up.
    Not even because G-d promised, but Moschiach has to arrive just so the left doesn’t destroy the Jewish people. How crazy is that!!!

  2. God!! Everything had to be so frickin political on this blog!! Left wing Right wing! Whogives a crap!
    Stop being so whiny and political! Talk about something that interests everyone including politically the apathetic!

  3. D — Are you ever barking up the wrong tree! This whole blog is political. It’s meant to be that way. The guy running it is political. If you’re looking for non-political Jewish content, may I suggest the series of Mindy and the Golem comic books? Sheesh.

  4. for all you um, missing it, this is a response to reuven koret of jewsweek who claimed repeatedly in his response to our criticisms that jewsweek was not in support or supported by right wing organizations.

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