A vote for Matisyahu is a vote for…

MTVu, Matisyahu’s first music television supporter, has nominated the Hasidic reggae singer for 2 of its most coveted of awards, the Woodie. Here’s what they say:

The college music moment of truth. The artists whose music you’ve lived your life to all year. The highs, the lows, the stress, the love, the hate, the worry… the music never stopped. Vote until your mouse breaks.

You heard them, Matisyahu needs you. VOTE NOW, VOTE OFTEN!

3 thoughts on “A vote for Matisyahu is a vote for…

  1. I know lately people have said some negative stuff about Matisyahu like “if it wasn’t for the tzitzit he’d just be another Snow” but I know plenty of people who liked his music before they knew he was Jewish, so I don’t buy that. He’s more than just a novelty act.
    Anyway, I think he and his band are great performers.

  2. Well kids, fun’s up. Seventeen magazine has proclaimed Matisyahu the “next big thing”. Seven-frickin’-teen. I can just see it now, hoards of formerly secular teenage girls in new long skirts and 3/4 length sleeves, going to shul to catch a glimpse of bocher M wanna-bes. Do you hear what I’m sayin”? This is unnatural.

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