War Is Over, If You Want It

The Forward reports,

According to Argentine Jewish leaders and media reports, the United States sided with Iran last week in a secret vote to downgrade international police alerts calling for the arrest of Iranian officials wanted by Argentina for their alleged role in the 1994 bombing, which killed 85 and wounded more than 300. The vote, taken by the General Assembly of Interpol, the 182-country international police agency, canceled the top-level alert for arrest warrants issued by
Argentina against 12 Iranians in 2003.
[…] “We are just appalled by Interpol’s decision,” said Jorge Kirszenbaum, the head of DAIA, the central Jewish umbrella organization in Argentina. “We are particularly hurt that some countries who claim to be at the forefront of the fight against terrorism took that position.”

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5 thoughts on “War Is Over, If You Want It

  1. What morality lets you twist “war is over if you want it” to this post, which is clearly about giving up for the wrong reasons? “War is over if you want it” should refer to the voluntary nature of almost all American wars.

  2. In a word: sarcasm. Though nevertheless of a satirical sort. The sad and subtle truth is that the snark on Bush’s Democratic challenger last year, that terrorism is a crime issue, was and remains the actual fact. As is the evidence that this White House is not up to leading any substantial and meaningful campaign against it. All they can really do is exploit it to advance a specious anti-government agenda.

  3. mazeartist wrote : “ The US would rather negotiate with Iran’s ruling mullahs than have another Iraq-style regime change.
    The whole reason there are mullahs in power in Iran today is because of the US and UK supporting regime change there in Operation Ajax in 1953.
    You can see this process repeating itself in Iraq

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