5 thoughts on “Sing us a song, Mr. Kabbalah Man

  1. Ow, my Chassidus hurts….
    I seriously can’tt ake any more of this, it’s erev Rosh Hashanah and in addition to explaining basic Judaism to people and trying to quell the crazy messianic assholes in my own movement, now I have to put up with Madonna singing a song about the Arizal. I’m seriously freaking out.
    It’s gonna catch on, I just know it, and then the hippies are gonna be walking around Washington Square Park with red strings and tattoos of the sefiros on their lower backs and trying to “enlighten” me about the world of Kabbalah. Oh it makes me shudder to think of it. The Rebbe must be spinning in his grave, along with the Ari.

  2. Mr. Nachum,
    I wish I understood what you have written. I can read the words but it might as well be greek (or hebrew as it were). It’s obviously very interesting, and intriguing but I’m mystified.
    Things I don’t know or understand:
    Messianic assholes
    Red Strings
    So, help out a non-jew (I think you call us anasheem?) as I’d like to learn enough to understand what you have written.

  3. It’s funny that you wrote Sing us a song Mr. Kabbalah Man, becuase there is actually a song on an NYCS ( i think that’s what the organazation is called) that goes, sing us a song , your the chazzan man. I shit you not, I tried not to burst out laughinbg, but it was for real, and it went along to the tune of the Piano Man,

  4. To Davis maybe this will help
    Erev is eve, as in christmas erev.
    Messianic assholes, assholes whom are waiting for the messiah.
    Red strings are Wailing Wall old lady string luck/prayer bracelets.
    Kabbalah jew mysticism. madonna trend.
    Rebbe, cherished rabbi.
    Google the rest.
    PS not anasheem, goyim (non-jew)

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