What are Genocidal Goyim Doing in the JIBs?

Jesus General writes,

In a comment on one of my previous posts, Ed Marshall asks, “How exactly did Charles Johnson get into a best “Jewish or Israeli” blog contest anyway?” It’s a good question. After all the publisher of Little Green Footballs is about as Jewish as a Wyoming honky tonk, yet not only is he up for awards in two categories, he’s a past winner.
Chuck isn’t the only American gentile in the mix. John Cox and Allen Forkum of Cox and Forkum–goyim so goyish they think a knish is an effeminate basketball player–are in the running for two awards as well.
So how does a trio of gentiles get nominated for (and in Chuck’s case, win) a best “Jewish and Israeli” blog award. Well from what I can see, being either Jewish or Israeli isn’t as important being politically in line with about ten percent of the Jews in the United States. That is to say you must possess an almost genocidal desire to protect Israel. I’ll admit that 10 percent is a guess, but I think it’s a good one. While most Jews support Israel, I doubt that more than 10 percent would consider genocide or ethnic cleansing as desirable methods for achieving security. Even the General won’t go that far. From what I’ve seen at the JIB nominated websites, the majority of the nominees are eager to collectively punish brown people as viciously as possible. That might not be in line with the thinking of most Jews, but I guess that isn’t the point of these awards.

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Speaking of which, btw, three days have passed and you can vote again. So please, vote again!

16 thoughts on “What are Genocidal Goyim Doing in the JIBs?

  1. maybe gencidal goyim are the voters. It is pretty obvious there are alot of christian zionists on Charles’s website. Ever read the messageboardat ynetnews. The kanane or kahane posers post 24 hours a day every day so they surely have the time ot vote in the poll.

  2. the majority of the nominees are eager to collectively punish brown people as viciously as possible
    Good to know that the race card is alive and well. So how are brown Palestinians holier than brown Jews? Or is “Jesus General” too ignorant to know that ~50% of Jews in Israel are not “white”?
    Oh, let me try a trick that ‘huh’ used before: “Mobius, statements like this are racialist and have no place on Jewschool…” 😉

  3. As soon as I saw the words “brown people”, I knew I was in for another dazzling display of leftist stupidity. Such transparent propaganda – somehow linking Arabs with Latin Americans and people from the Indian subcontinent (who are no more alike than Europeans are to any of them) while placing Jews in the white/European camp (even Sephardim!). Why? Because “brown people” are good, and whites and Jews are bad.
    And does anyone have any evidence that Charles Johnson, Cox or Forkum advocate genocide or ethnic cleansing?

  4. LGF tolerates it in his comment section. It’s very hard for me to understand how that comment section in particular can be considered valuable to Israel’s cause. If nothing else, they make us all look like depraved idiots, and undermine the idea that Israel’s argument is, at bottom, a moral argument

  5. Like the previous commenter, I find the division into skin colors offensive. In fact the blogger is writing based on assumption he has no way of proving. He is making allegations of racism, which are completely unsupported and very selective.

  6. Not that i agree with much of Charles’ posts on LGF (I don’t) but throwing around baseless acusations of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” is not very becomming. Provide us with examples, or STFU – too much to ask? Probably.
    And as far as I know, LGF was nominated for the awards because they garnered enough email nominations – and LGF will likely win because people are voting for that site more than others. Wow, it’s almost a simple concept!!

  7. The other reason these blogs win is probably because you are dealing with the readers of jpost and they are the 10 percent of far right Jews, Jesus General was referring to. Up until recently it was owned by Richard Perle.

  8. lol.it was owned by Conrad Black.and the comment about brown people is just hilarious. i didnt know they were after Sephardim too. anyway if a blog where most of Israel related content is anti Israel is included then a blog which is totally pro Israel should be included as well.

  9. Heh. Richard Silverstein’s article is hard hitting and incisive. Well researched too! Check this out:

    Of eleven blogs in ‘Group A’ of this category, one, Dan ‘Mobius’ Siedarsky’s Jewlicious, is progressive. Sound “fair and balanced” to you?

    Yup. Apparently some guy called Dan ‘Mobius’ Siedarsky runs our Jewlicious blog. And he really wants l’assistance de Mr. Le Général pour gagner le petit concour des Juifs. Allons y les amis! Votez pour le blog de Mr. Siedarsky!

  10. Echo the above comments re: Dan’s attempts to racialize the conflict. To the fellow above, it’s not a trick. We *do* need to get past racist thinking. I mean, “brown people”? Even if Arabs and Jews — or, hell, Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews — were all easily distinguishable on visual inspection, something most sentient beings know to be false, it would *still* be tremendously silly. Racism isn’t more acceptable when in the service of a cause one agrees with, I think.

  11. sampling of lovely commentary at lgf.
    # “Vermin love the Slime, and they will hate any attempt to clean up the mess. Our house had become terribly infested with horrible filth. It is to be expected that the creatures living on dirt would resist and fight back. But that is all the more reason to bring to successful completion the cleanup process.”
    # “Our superiority, militarily and morally, to these vermin is so overwhelming that it would go without saying, were it not for the daily shrieking of the… press.”
    # “I really don’t consider it killing. It’s simply [the] extermination of vermin, diseased vermin…

    here’s more
    Only they don’t just shit on little green footballs. Read the talk backs of ynetnews, and haaretz, not to mention democraticunderground.
    Here is a lovely response today from Haaretz’s editorial on the IDF finally intervening with settler vandalism of olive trees.
    itle: Kill A Jew…Lose 1000 Trees
    Name: DovBer
    City: NY State: NY
    Kill Another Jew….Lose another 1000….maybe then the innocent ” Palestinians ” will have something to gain by preventing terrorism….Remember though, the trees will grow again, the lives they destroy are gone forever….

    This is common. Fully half the posters there post commentary like this. If it were just Charles’s blog it would be a good thing for Israel, but this sort of commentary is on most Israeli forums. I think they must bribe the mods.

  12. Don’t let CK’s typically snarky comments put you off visiting my latest post on the JIBA brouhaha. Shortly after publishing the post with the typos he notes so gleefully, he e mailed me about them & within a few minutes the two mistakes were corrected.
    But CK hasn’t bothered to find any other “embarrassing” typos. Or at least he hasn’t pointed any out to me. But not for lack of trying I’m sure. And another one of his Jewlicious minions sent almost the same verbatim message AFTER I published the corrections. Guess she got her marching orders from CK but didn’t bother to check my site.
    You see if you don’t like someone’s argument & you have a sharp tongue but you’re too lazy or obtuse to actually argue on substance, you besmirch someone for typos. He tried to argue substance in the comment thread of my blog, but he mostly got what I said wrong and was too terribly in love with his own blistering wit to pay attention to minor details like substance.
    I agree with DovBear’s comments about the LGF comment section being a disservice to the cause of Israel. But I do think that we all (including non-Jews) need to realize that Israel is composed of nitwits like them and other more enlightened souls who do not share such hate.

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