What are you reading?

See what I did there?
See what I did there?
Jewschool will soon be embarking on a total overhaul of our blogroll.
So, we’re asking you:
What Jewish blogs do you read?
Which ones on our current list do you like?
Which ones on our current list do you not like?
Don’t wanna comment publicly on what you don’t like? Email me at davidAMwilensky{at}gmail{dot}com.

30 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. I read Jewcy and Weird Jews once in a while. I couldn’t care less what events are going on in New York and Boston and whatever other big cities unless they’re truly groundbreaking.

  2. Blogroll yawn. How ’bout a twitter feed? A facebook page?
    Jewschool is stuck in 2006. Is this just a blog or a community?

  3. Do a social facebook badge so we can snark on each other in full view of the FB-verse.
    Of course, JG won’t be able to participate, but that’s okay.

  4. At the risk of plugging my own blog, I’m going to plug my own blog.
    The others I’d list I mostly found through Jewschool in the first place–Hatam Soferet, Velveteen Rabbi, Teruah, the Jew and the Carrot; someone already mentioned Weirdjews, and I do keep Tablet Magazine on my RSS reader, though I find it hit-and-miss.

  5. From what I can tell none of the suggested websites so far are based in Israel.
    Of course zero is not much less than the number of Israeli websites on your current blogroll.
    Too many actual young Torah-knowledgable Jews there?

  6. Boxhead, Jewlicious has contributors in Israel, Meretz USA–whether you like Meretz or not!–surely includes some Israeli opinion, same goes for MuzzleWatch and NIF, and then there’s South Jerusalem.
    The blogroll is in real disrepair and we’ll be adding and taking some away from it soon, but do keep in mind, Boxhead, that a lot if Israelis blog in Hebrew and that we only include English-language blogs on our blogroll–not as a matter of policy, but as a matter of practicality!

  7. I read a lot of Conservative Judaism Journal at the library. All this stuff should be posted online somewhere. Such a great wealth of Conservative rabbis writing in print. This is something few Conservative rabbis seem to do these days except perhaps to each other on ravnet. And I don’t have access to that.

  8. instead of bitching and moaning about it, do you have any suggestions
    that would require actual intelligent contribution rather than trolling.

  9. Stop making fun of Dave’s name. What are we, in preschool? He’s obviously on another wavelength. The guy is obviously like the 6th or 7th biggest fan of Jewschool. Just leave him be.

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