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What Does Jewish Mamahood Look Like?

J. and the twins
The Jewish Women’s Archive has started a Flikr pool in honor of Mother’s Day, and is encouraging folks to upload pics of Jewish moms–their own mothers, their grandmothers, themselves with their own kids, and so forth. It’s just starting up, but there’s a lot of sweetness there already.
Go here to see the set and to add images.

2 thoughts on “What Does Jewish Mamahood Look Like?

  1. Hmm. Apparently, “Jewish mamahood” looks…pretty much like the non-Jewish kind. Not to be a hater or anything.

  2. I thought that was the point. Some people might be surprised to see that the Racist-Imperialist-Jewish-Zionist-Conspiracy is actually just a bunch of human beings, with families–parents, children and old people with mostly the same concerns as everyone else.

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