What kind of Israelis match your values?

This is one of the most important points I will consistently make until the day I die: you should not support “Israel” in any generic way for the principle of the matter, but instead Israelis and a vision of Israel that matches your values. The establishment isn’t peddling a Jewish state of any values — just a hook on which to hang their paranoia of extinction. Take a look at this video and post by Moriel Rothman, student president of J Street U, taking Peter Beinart’s advice in finding Israelis that match his values:

Israeli Activists- Reach Out, Take Part, Make Peace. from Moriel Rothman on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “What kind of Israelis match your values?

  1. KFJ — Apologies for the comment above. It was harsh and thoughtless and not conducive to the discussion. Will think before I post and discuss the issues, instead of making personal attacks.

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