What's Happening Now!

What's Happening Now!

I live in Boston. I love Boston. There’s a lot of great stuff happening in Boston. Tonight, in fact, the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts is hosting an event with Rabbi Capers Funnye (yes, the man the NY Times anointed as “Obama’s Rabbi”) called Path of the Spirit! An African American Rabbi’s Spiritual Journey. Our very own The Wandering Jew will be there, so expect an update later this week.
That said, there are times when I am envious of the wealth of interesting activities going on in New York City. Just in the next few days alone, I’m missing out on:

  • Olivia Cohen-CutlerJewessess in Hollywood at Shaaray Tefila on the Upper East Side, featuring Oliva Cohen-Cutler, Senior Vice President of ABC Television, big-shot in Hadassah and Jewish Women’s Archive, mom of friend-of-Jewschool dcc alongside Melissa Silverstein of the Women and Hollywood blog.
  • Torah Queeries book coverTwo events celebrating the release of Torah Queeries, a collection of queer takes on the Torah portions. (A review of the book coming to Jewschool soon!) Reading the Bible Through a Bent Lens will feature Gregg Drinkwater, Rabbi Jason Klein, Marla Brettschneider, Rabbi Jill Hammer on Shabbat afternoon at the JCC as part of the Queer Shabbaton NY (put on by Nehirim). A couple of days later on Monday the 2nd, NYU gets into the game with their own edition of Reading the Bible Through a Bent Lens featuring Drinkwater, Amichai Lau-Lavie, and Jay Michaelson.
  • Everything Is God book coverSpeaking of Jay Michaelson, Jewschool is a proud co-sponsor of Everything is God: A Jewish Spiritual Woodstock happening tomorrow night at the Center for Jewish History on 16th Street. The event organizers are describing the event as an “unprecedented evening of celebration, conversation, and community marking the publication of author-activist Jay Michaelson’s new book, Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism.” Click the link above to see the schedule – there’s a lot going on, and it’s going to be quite the experience.

This is just a small sample of what I’m missing out on by not being in NYC. (As some consolation, Keshet has two great Boston events back-to-back this week: Tonight’s Trew Tales about Genderqueers and Trans Identity in Jewish Tradition and Friday night’s monthly Shabbat Potluck. And JP Shabbat is having an organizational meeting. I mean, I’m not sitting at home, staring at the walls. But you get my drift.)
But I’m sure there’s more happening, both in the Big Apple and wherever else Jews live. If you’ve got something awesome going on this week, let us know in the comments!

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  1. BTW, if anyone’s interested in attending the Torah Queeries event at the JCC on Shabbat, it is totally open to the public. You do not need to be taking part in the Shabbaton to attend.

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