When In Doubt, Ask Rabbi X-ray

From Haaretz:

With the affair dragging on for weeks, Scheiman decided to turn to an unusual source of advice for such worldly matters: Rabbi Shlomo Ifergan of Netivot, more commonly known as the X-ray.”[…]

The X-ray, after being updated on the finer details of the affair, including the agreement with Maccabi Tel Aviv and Betar Jerusalem’s threat to sue Herzliya if it didn’t get the player, ruled that the Zohar – the Jewish book of mysticism – pointed to Maccabi Tel Aviv.”Assoulin must play for Maccabi,” said the X-ray, but as if not to take the matter entirely out of Scheiman’s hands, added: “Only if things don’t work out with Maccabi will the light point to Betar Jerusalem.”

I wonder if Madonna knows about this rabbi.

P.S. A google search spits out an interesting story about a fellow who went to this rabbi to find his missing son, and got rather poor service. [cache JPost article by google.]

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