While PA Pledges Peace, Israel Builds A New Settlement

The NY Times reports,

The new Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, said in an interview this weekend that the war with the Israelis is effectively over and that the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, is speaking “a different language” to the Palestinians. Mr. Sharon’s commitment to withdraw from Gaza and dismantle all Israeli settlements there and four in the West Bank, despite “how much pressure is on him from the Israeli Likud rightists,” Mr. Abbas said, “is a good sign to start with” on the road to real peace.

“And now he has a partner,” Mr. Abbas said.

Israel responded to this momentous occasion by announcing plans to construct yet another settlement in the West Bank to house the settlers evacuated from Gaza.

In related news,

A scientific poll allegedly suppressed in Israel last month has found a plurality of Israelis favor transferring the Palestinian population out of Israel instead of implementing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to withdraw Jewish settlements from Gaza and parts of the West Bank this summer, WorldNetDaily has learned.

Full story.

And on that note, I direct you to RafahPundits’ analysis of the events at Sharm el Sheikh.

3 thoughts on “While PA Pledges Peace, Israel Builds A New Settlement

  1. Spin, Spin, Spin.
    Gvaot has existed for a very long time. My wife was in the Nahal there and her garin was the last one before is was ‘civilianized’ in 1997. Since then, it has never been abandonned.
    I can assure you that no new settlements are being planned now. Anything ‘new’ has long been through the various government agencies and permission by the not-to-friendly-to-settlement ‘civil administration’. If Gvaot was apporved about ten years ago, why is it all of sudden getting press now?

  2. As for the scientific poll,
    virtually all my leftist friends have no problem with this idea either. Their hate of settlers is only seconded by hate of Arabs.
    Right-wing settlers on the other hand, have no problem living and working with Arabs as long as they stop killing us Jews.

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