12 thoughts on “Who’s committing the attrocities here?

  1. You, of course, are deeply ashamed of the massacres your nation has committed recently. Yes, of course. US fascists.

  2. english.. iam not sure what you meant by that well though retort but so you know i was being just a bit cynical..

  3. This is completely terrible. The killing of any human being anywhere is completely terrible. But I have to ask, is there another side to this story? Or is the common narrative of Palestinian=bad and Israeli=victim just the truth? I am inclined to think that the answer is neither quite so easy nor quite so cut and dry. The world is not filled with “evil ones” and their equally easily definable antipodes. There is, indeed, injustice in the Middle East but that injustice is fueled by the wrongs of BOTH sides. So it seems to me that as long as there is a slant in one direction or the other in the portrayal of the situation in an “us” v. “them”, “good” v. “bad”, a dividing v. uniting tone the situation will persist and, hence, so will the very violence we all seem to equally deplore.
    In reference to the 60% poll I think we all know, or should know, that polls are grossly inaccurate. However, even if that poll was true, I would venture, again in a hope for balance, to ask how many Israeli’s support the terrorism (it is no different if the terrorist wears a uniform or not or kills himself along with his victims or not) of their country? My best guess is around the figure of 60% or more. Would this serve to prove that the Palestinians were right to bomb civilians? Certainly not, so what does it prove in the reverse?

  4. And as a side note, mo1, I can’t believe this is the kind of propoganda you spread on this site. You can guarantee my voice will reappear here. It is apparently needed.

  5. propoganda??? but that extreme anarchist lopsided biased shit you post on jakeneck is what??
    Some people actually disagree with you and in what my view is a twisted set of morals and ideals. But that is my view. I hope you are open minded enough to realize that.

  6. and as a side note
    The difference between the Israeli modus operandi and that of the Palestinian(terrorists) is that Israel only goes after those actualy involved in conflict while the terrorist go after anyone and women and children in particular that are no where near the hot zones to create fear and chaos.. you are smart enough to realize the difference

  7. What may or may not be my equasion espouses neither any definable moral nor any particular ideal in the form you have above stated it, for one.
    Riddle me this grub…briefly, what is the solution to the problem? I know that is a big question but just give me your thoughts on that…briefly.

  8. The fact remains that Ameica’s war against Islamic terror is the whole world’s war against Islamo_Fascism and Islamic terrorism.
    The fact is that Islam is pure evil dressed up as “peaceful” by some muslims.
    Deal with the facts. Muhammad child raped a 9 year old little girl when in her own words was still playing with her dolls.
    Then there is Muhammad slaughter of the entire male population of a tribe in Medina. Not to mention his muslims terrorist being told to kill his political enemies including an old man and a women with children. because those bad folks made fun of his pagan moon god cult.
    Then there is Muhammad’s muslim terrorist killing and stealing from Mecca caravans during the pagan Ramadan. They were told to bring back 20% of the stolen goods to Muhamhead to please allah of course.
    And how do you like the koran telling men to beat their wives? It even tells the kind of stick to use.
    Then there is the koran’s promises of virgins, endless drunkeness (rivers of wine) and homosexual peophilia (young boys as fine as pearls).
    Islamic terrorism is based on Islam as revealed through the Qu’ran.There is no difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism, which is a totalitarian construct.
    In Islam All infidels are to be converted, enslaved or killed.As long as the Koran exists, Islam will continue to oppress, murder, enslave, threaten, lie and terrorize innocent people.
    When I think of what type of people order their followers to commit murder, I only can think of organized crime bosses or corrupt political figures. Ayatollah Khomenni comes to mind. How would an Iranian be treated if he spoke out about Khomenni ? Amnesty International just reported that many political prisoners have been executed in Iran.
    His fundamentalist Islamic regime had other dissident Iranians murdered all over the world. These murderous Muslims represent exactly what Muhammad was all about. They follow Muhammad’s methodology: kill those who are a threat to your credibility and power over others.
    Hizbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups for example knows exactly what they are doing. They know it is cold-blooded murder that they are committing upon Muhammad’s request.
    With the Islamic terrorists , “enemy personnel” can be anyone from an English Hi humanitarian worker in Iraq, an Indian Kafir(Infidel who doesn’t believe in Allah), a Russian,A communist, An Algerian muslim kid, a Dutch filmmaker(van Gough) or Jewish toddler. In short, the enemy is anyone not a Muslim(or sometimes a muslim) who does not believe the world is destined to be ruled by Islam.

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