Why the Left Should Support Killing Arafat

“Is it justified to kill the messengers of terror without killing the person sending them? Wouldn’t it be more moral to kill the person inciting and instigating the terror, the person who is sending people to commit suicide – before eliminating those who are incited and whose mission it is to blow themselves up?”

What Golan misses is the fact that the Left doesn’t think it’s just to kill the messengers either. Targeted assassination is a grave violation of international human rights law. Rather, suspected terrorists should be arrested and tried for conspiracy. They shouldn’t kill Arafat—they should arrest him and try him for war crimes, just as they claim ought to happen to Sharon. That’d be just and appease the Left for certain.

6 thoughts on “Why the Left Should Support Killing Arafat

  1. Doesn’t the israeli military target individuals all the time? I’m always reading about “top hamas official’s car was blown up by helicopter missles”

  2. “Targeted assassination is a grave violation of international human rights law”
    This is a blatant falsehood. It is only illegal if it is reasonable that you could arrest them without greater violence. It is the same principal as a SWAT team. If you need to stop someone who has killed and likely will kill again then you try to arrest them. If you know that you cannot with danger to life and limb there is no question that it is legal to kill them as SWAT teams do around the world every day.
    The only reason this is applied to Israel as ‘illegal’ is the double standard of Anti-Semitism of the Left.

  3. One nation does not have the right to enforce its lethal force upon another. If IDF choppers can pinpoint a target, they can arrest a terror suspect.

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