Why We Love To Hate The Kabbalah Center

Zeek‘s Jay Michaelson gives a go at the Kabbalah Center in The Forward:

Mainstream Jews cannot stand the Kabbalah Centre. You can tell by the way they mock it, highlight its every flaw (huge offices! expensive bracelets!) and deride Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and the other celebrities who seem to have been suckered in by the wealthy shysters who run the place. Madonna — whose recent tour was rife with kabbalistic teaching and art — is particularly high profile, and we all remember her previous antics, her shifting personalities; many wonder whether this isn’t just her latest phase — another Hollywood spiritual fad, like Scientology or EST? (Does anyone even remember EST?) But for most Jews, the Kabbalah Centre is a little bit worse, because the source of this silliness is something Jewish in origin, and something that we are either a little afraid of, a little ashamed of, or both.

Full story.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s the latest gossip on Paris Hilton’s Kabbalah “conversion.” (Let the ignorance proliferate!)

On the bright side of things, The JTA notes an intense upswing in serious interest in Kabbalah, in no small part thanks to the dabblings of high-profile celebrities in half-assed Bergian Kabbalah.

One thought on “Why We Love To Hate The Kabbalah Center

  1. That Paris Hilton quote is classic… she dealt with her breakup by ‘getting a new bracelet.’ I guess the Bergs taught her the deeper truth of Kabbalah– it’s all about accessorizing!

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