Wiesenthal Centre Calls for Malaysian Boycott

“An influential United States-based Jewish lobby group has denounced Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad as a ‘serial anti-Semite’ and called for a boycott of tourism and investment in his country.”

Ah, yes. Give Malaysia’s Muslim population resolve that “Jews run the world” by wrecking their economy. Makes perfect sense!

It was a different story in Germany prior to the Shoah—there was an actual threat to Germany’s Jewish population that required action on behalf of the world Jewish community, leading groups such as the JWV to launch national boycotts. Of course, the “establishment Jews” at the AJC and B’nai B’rith tried to halt the boycott for fear that it would make matters worse for Germany’s Jews. The JWV knew it was gonna get worse either way and told the establishment to stick it. In such a case, I agree with a boycott. But in the case of Malaysia, acting on the PM’s remarks in such a manner would serve only to reinforce the myth he’s spreading of Jewish world domination. But he poses no real threat to anyone, so why bother?

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