Wired News: Weinstock Behind Jooglebomb

Wired News reports,

Mobilizing some 125,000 petitioners, Weinstock said he was able to lower the Jew Watch ranking using Google bombing, a technique in which links are directed toward a preferred site to raise its ranking. He won the skirmish, but the war continues.

You know… this isn’t about me, but my head is going to explode nonetheless. I’ve contacted the journalist, his editor and Weinstock to “clarify” the situation. Reportbacks follow…

[Update] Writer Defends Lies

No, I don’t think he personally did any google bombing, but he certainly organized a googlebombing effort and got 125,000 people involved with his cause.

– John Brandon

And then…

You know, Mr. Weinstock did spearhead a campaign and his petitioners set up googlebombing sites. Google, JewWatch.com, and some of the other contacts all knew about his efforts. I’m not sure what you’re looking for here?

– John Brandon

Uh no, sorry. He most certainly DID NOT organize “a googlebombing effort.” I suggested the Jooglebomb (the phrase, in effect, coined by Norman Geras) which inspired hundreds of bloggers whom to their own credit, are responsible for knocking Jew Watch out of the top spot.

Frankly, I find that to be the even more fantastic story, and the one Wired should have reported. I simply posted a suggestion on my blog, and within a month, people on the Internet, of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, who are committed to fighting racism, took it upon themselves to make this happen. It speaks to the true power of blogging, hacktivism, and grassroots organizing online. It is a credit that humanity is due.

This article, however, gives Weinstock (who didn’t even participate in the campaign that did succed) credit for efforts that can be accorded no single person. And that just makes me raw in the gut. Not to mention, by the way, Jew Watch is back up at #1, and the “fight” continues, whereas the anti-semites are now also googleboming for Jew Watch. A thorough journalist would’ve reported that fact as well.

How could Wired News let a reporter get something so wrong? Isn’t it a bit shameful that The Canadian Jewish News did a better job reporting on this issue than fucking WIRED?!

Anyone wanna join me in my new Googlebombing effort? It’ll be to link this article to the word “liars”, like so: liars. Just add the following HTML to your pages:

<a href=”http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,63380,00.html”>liars</a>

[Update] Writer Sends Pseudo-Nastygram

I see you’re posting my private e-mails to you on your Web site without my permission. Please remove them immediately.

– John Brandon

By law, I’m under no obligation to do so. Guess he should’ve indicated he wanted these communications kept private in advance.

Click here to e-mail John’s editors (select Marty Cortinas, Kourosh Karimkhany, or David Ian Miller from the drop down) and let them know what a brilliant, honest reporter they have working for them.

12 thoughts on “Wired News: Weinstock Behind Jooglebomb

  1. John sounds like a sad guy who cannot get his facts right and Wienstock is a prick.
    Maybe both of them should hook up together.

  2. Talk about flawed fact checking – Weinstock made the news releases as the idiot who was organizing an “online petition” thats what his sight was for, and if this guy had read ANY of the news articles – in the Jewish and mainstream media – he owuld have known that. The few that mention the “joogle bomb” credit Mobious with introducing the concept to the jewish blogosphere which in turn had a great effect – while Weistock was still collectingh is signatures, since some tech at google challenged him to do so.

  3. Don’t get all upset about the Metrodox thing. 1) that’s not a particualr thing, like the Jooglebomb, that can be pinned down to one person, and 2) it was under the ‘Jargon Watch,’ which never gives any credit to anyone, it just lists new, popular words.

  4. Mobius … chill out, who cares who did it. Have some humility and class. This is really not a big deal. You are a real jerk off. Why don’t you worry about something important. Mobius’s poor ego got bruised… aHHHHHHHHH

  5. eat a dick, david. my point is that the bloggers who participated deserve the credit, not any lone individual. and i think it matters because wired news has a MASSIVE readership, and they’ve, in effect, rewritten history in a way that negates the power of the grassroots online, and rather gives credit for the efforts of hundreds to some censorship-happy asshole.
    if you don’t see anything wrong with that, you’re the real jerk off.

  6. Mo, if you backward link the wikipedia site, the first non wiki site is ….jakeneck. Post it there also.

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