Fighting Soldiers From Sinai, Fearless Men Who Jump and Die

Generally, I’m not a pro-military kind of guy. I mean, I have a slew of friends in the service, my dad fought in the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam, and I’ve done my fair share of volunteer work for the Jewish War Veterans Dept. of NJ (most recently providing audio support for their Yom Hashoah commemoration at Liberty State Park). But Jewschool’s regulars know my politics. I’m, yeah just a little Left there. A little Left of Left. But I’m also a big supporter of fostering Jewish community, no matter where. Hence, I’m gonna plug this guy’s site…

Jews In Green, “the ultimate resource for Jewish service members,” is a new website created by Jason Rubin, an active duty Marine stationed in Pensacola, FL, that aims to provide information “that is pertinent and useful to Jewish service members so that they know what is out there for them and more importantly that there ARE plenty of other Jews just like them serving in the U.S. military.”

“I’ve been in the Corps for over 9 years now,” Rubin recently wrote me, “and you could say that Jewish resources in the military (and especially the Marine Corps) are somewhat lacking. I had always thought about doing something like this, and now that I’ve gotten into blogging (with my own personal site), I felt that I finally had a format that would work well.”

Rubin says he hopes to “get a little networking and community going between [Jewish] service members” through the site. “Soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen shouldn’t have to wait until Yom Kippur to realize that there are plenty of Jews on their base willing to share a Shabbat or offer support.”

Can’t argue there. Yasher koach, Mistah Rubin.

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