With Friends Like These

“Instead of internalizing the fact that interest groups are an inseparable part of the democratic game, Muslim leaders invent anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Israel and American Jews. It is easier to let racist genies out of the bottle than to admit that more than a billion Muslims worldwide do not do a fraction for their Palestinian brethren of what six million American Jews do for Israel.”

Mmm… Well, Palestinians are willing to fight and die for Palestine. How many Jews are willing to do that?

3 thoughts on “With Friends Like These

  1. fuck man, if the nazis were persecuting jews in germany, i wouldn’t waste time trying to protest the German Govt… I would try to find refuge for the people stuck there. why is there no Palestiniam refuge movement? Why is it taken for granted and accepted that the other Arab countries would just massacre any mass influx of Palestinains who came seeking asylum?

  2. It would seem like common sense, but it ain’t. Ask yourself why American Jewry made little or no effort to rescue German Jews. Yes, they did have Stephen Wise declare war on Germany on behalf of all Jewish people in 1936 or so, but they did little or nothing to save German Jews. Perhaps the biggest reason both Jews and Arabs didn’t/don’t accept floods of refugees is financial. Back in the 30’s Israel wanted to cherry pick the best, brightest and youngest and leave the rest of European Jews to their fate. I suspect the same is true of the Arab countries now. Rant and rave about the unfairness of it all, but don’t actually DO a great deal to save the vast majority of sufferers. Bottom line, son, if you were poor and lived in the desert, you probably wouldn’t invite a few million total strangers into your country either. And that is true whether you are a Jew or an Arab.

  3. So Muslims should “admit that more than a billion Muslims worldwide do not do a fraction for their Palestinian brethren of what six million American Jews do for Israel”?
    Translated: “Don’t bitch about the tribe, baby. If you gentiles did one-half (hell, one-tenth!) as much for your OWN people as we do for Klal Yisroel you would be doing just fine and you wouldn’t be whining about us.”
    Ok. I’ll admit that. No! Wait! If I admit that, then what I’m saying is that Jews are more clannish and really, really help their own kind, and by extension that Muslims and Christians should start looking out after THEIR own kind, big time.
    But. but .. the ADL said that only anti-Semites believed that. The ADL said that is what Christian Identity movements were doing, and that was bad.
    Wait a second, you guys got me coming AND going. If I agree with you, then the ADL says I am an anti-Semite. If I agree with the ADL then YOU say I’m an anti-Semite.
    Nice play there, guys!

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