9 thoughts on “World Bank: Israel 2nd Most Corrupt Nation

  1. Is there ANYONE on the Israeli left who will do what the Likud has done since the 70s – and what Netanyahu is doing now – to dismantle the socialist cronyocracy and correct the situation?
    Is there ANYONE who thinks that Sharon’s current behavior – or the stench on the Supreme Court’s bench – is a result of entrenched, undemocratic Likud power bases?
    Yes, I’m glad I voted Likud.

  2. When did Israel become a Western nation? Despite what a few elitist Haaretz writers would have you believe, Israel is much closer the East than the West. Israel is not the most corrupt Western country. Its the least corrupt Eastern country.
    And that Likud comment is completely naive. Look at the Labor party today. Why did they cancel their July primary? Because Amir Peretz – the Man of the People – attempted to pass off thousands of forged membership forms to the party. The primary is “delayed” pending an investigation.
    So, yeah, I am glad Likud is in power, even though I didn’t vote for them.

  3. At least the gangsters ruling Italy scored Organic food for the public schools, and are resisting over development.

  4. Who the hell cares what “The World Bank” says. If you really want to see corruption and poor efficiency, how about you read up on THE WORLD BANK.

  5. my statement about voting for likud was in response to the mistaken belief that somehow likud was less-corrupt an entity than labor. now this has been shown to be false.
    also, i know the world bank is completely corrupt and fucked up. that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

  6. It’s like the time the anti-Semitic terrorist group, the so-called “International” Red Cross, accused Israeli soldiers of not upholding the purity of arms. What they fail to comprehend with their unwashed and preliterate minds is that purity of arms is an actual IDF doctrine, which makes it inconceivable that Israel could deviate from it: if something happened, there must’ve been a perfectly understandable reason for it.

  7. the demagogue likud statement is uncalled for and libelous in its singling them out.
    The government of Israel and its civil service is the product of 57+ years of combined left and right, non-religious and religious, ashkenazi and sefaradi effort.
    This is a direct result of not knowing where we come from and not knowing where we are going. One day in the near future, the government will fall, and a new system will rise. This democracy is an artificial goyish implant and another example of how ‘we can be just like the enlightened goyim overseas’.

  8. Likud is no less corrupt than Labor but also no more corrupt. Well, right now that they are in power and Omri, the son, is an MK. No question Likud is corrupt but unfortunately all Israeli politics and parties are corrupt. The left is no less corrupt (note, I’m not saying it’s any more corrupt, but its hands aren’t any cleaner).
    At least Bibi is doing good — long term — for the country.

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