world's best vicarious kiddish

i am freelancing, which means that i’m home all day; and i’m writing, which means that i am slowly devolving into a constant nosher. and i think i’ve just seized on some fundamental taste bud to our culture.
i defrosted some of those mini-challah rolls from a few shabboses ago (surprisingly, they are still light & fluffy….props out to your preservatives, cRc-brand challah rolls). then i cut up slices of tomato and red onion. and then i started inhaling them. and, presto! instant kiddish food, without any of those pesky cold cuts. seriously. it tastes more like shabbos lunch than cold corned beef. and saves a pastrami from being killed, too.

9 thoughts on “world's best vicarious kiddish

  1. p.s., it’s the yahrtzeit of my grandfather, dov avraham — everyone, everywhere you are, take a shot (i’ll get you back one day), think of the thing you love most, and please ask that his neshoma should get an aliyah.

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