Yeah, yeah, yeah…

The background’s a little loud and the link colors aren’t precisely right just yet, but the first person to correctly identify all 16 characters in the headmast will get a year’s worth of free webhosting, up to 150mb.
[Update] Man, y’all are terrible. From the left… Clues: #2 is a famous activist, #5 is NOT Howard Stern, #16 is an Israeli singer. First person to e-mail the correct list to [email protected] (kill the ‘nospam.’) by Monday, 5PM EST, wins it.
[Update] Congratulations to Solomyr.

27 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, yeah…

  1. I of course know who all of them are but I won’t spill cuz what need do I have for your Web hosting? Also I am pissed – we color coordinated the IsraelExperts banner ads for the previous design and then you done gone and changed it again. Now No one wants to do new banners unless part of the payment includes a tab of acid.
    Jesus moby. Also… can you get a hold of me please about that Thursday in JTown thang?

  2. we’re not going to get this but we’ll try for fun:
    _1: …blank…
    _2: not that guy from Fleetwood Mac?
    _3: Steinem
    _4: Kook
    _5: (…Robert Stack? not Nimoy?)
    _6: Chomsky
    _7: Silverman
    _8: Herschel Schmoikel “Krusty” Krustofsky
    _9: Allen
    10: Hoffman
    11: Goldman
    12: Stern
    13: Weil?! (Does he count?)
    14: [nice foreheads]
    15: …seen him before and cannot recall
    16: Schneerson?

  3. is anyone else seeing the blue rainbow thingies drip down the screen while reading the posts?! its fricking brilliant!

  4. I like the concept, but I really liked the previous design. It was subtle, which is an important quality for a background.

  5. Oh hahaha. And i am offended by you implying i am not a good Jew. Its the American/engish doctrine i grew up with that make me go left to right.

  6. yay! women in the graphic! b’sof sof! you know i love it mobius when you take my advice, esp. in public…

  7. this won’t win me anything, but just to fill in k&y’s blanks…
    #2 is matisyahu
    #5 is optimus prime
    #14 are the beastie boys

  8. right to left:
    3. G steinem
    4. kook
    5. optimus prime
    6. noam chomsky
    7. s silverman
    8. herschel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofski
    9. woody allen
    10. Hoffman
    11 Goldman
    12 Stern

  9. Left to right
    1. lubavitch rebbi
    2. Avraham Stern
    4.shlomo carlebach
    5.howard stern
    6.Dustin Hoffman
    8.woody allen
    9.krusty the clown
    10.Sarah Silverman
    11.noam chomsky
    12.optimus prime
    13.Rav Kook
    14.Gloria Steinem

  10. My attempt from left o right
    1. Schneerson
    2.Avraham Stern?
    5.Joey Ramone
    10. Silverman
    11. Chomsky (Cholera)
    12. Optimus Prime
    13.Rav Kook (Da Man)
    14. Steinem
    16.Ricki Gal??

  11. Schneerson
    Ray Frank
    Reb Shlomo
    Joey Ramone
    Emma Goldman
    Abbie Hoffman
    Woody Allen
    Krusty the Clown
    Sarah Silverman
    Noam Chomsky
    Optimus Prime
    Rav Kook
    Gloria Steinem
    Ricki Gal

  12. Left to right… (like a Damn American)
    1. Rav Schneerson
    2. Rosa Luxemburg
    3. Bestie Boys
    4. Shlomo Carlebach
    5. Joey Ramone
    6. Emma Goldman
    7. Abbie Hoffman
    8. Woody Allen
    9. Krustofsky
    10. Sarah Silverman
    11. Noam Chomsky
    12. Optimus Prime
    13. Rav Kook
    14. Gloria Steinem
    15. Matisyahu
    16. Chava Alberstein

  13. Thank you. But there is no way I could have figured it out without other people posting their ideas. Specifically, Mobius’ hint regarding Rosa Luxemburg, moose’s statement that #4 was Carlebach, DiGiTaL’s comments that #5 looked like a Ramone, lots of people throwing out the name Emma Goldman for number six, k&y’s ID’ing of Abbie Hoffman, and finally again Mobius’ hint regarding Chava Alberstein (I kept thinking Tori Amos, but knew it wasn’t here. At least I guessing a singer).
    It wasn’t like I figured it out in a vacuum. Whether or not I “deserve” the prize is debatable. Not that I even need/want it. I just enjoyed the game. So if anyone was really hungry for the prize, maybe Mobius will give it to you. But one thing that should be added to the site, is a list of the people and links to their wikipedia entries. It would be an interesting little Jewish history/pop culture lesson.

  14. I knew Schneerson, Sarah Silverman, Woody Allen and Krusty the clown. So apparently, I get to the Lubavitch deli down the block and watch enough TV. But I may have to go back to Jewschool to learn to recognize the others.

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