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Yemen Abuses Jews – Who Knew?

So, here’s a different source for a news story on this blog. HaTzofeh, the national religious newspaper in Israel, reports on extensive abuse of the few remaining Jews in Yemen. The newspaper reports that recently many Jews have been attacked, including the Rabbi of the community whose home was recently destroyed. The article also mentions ongoing human rights abuse, including forced conversions, and a law that makes marrying a Jew punishable by death. Strangest though, the article reports that the only organization working to help these Jews is Satmar. The flat-hatted chassidim want them to emigrate, not to Israel of course, but to the UK and America.
Yikes. That’s scary stuff, happening to our own brothers and sisters, and I had no idea. I don’t know what to do to stop this, but the first step must be making sure that people know. It’s a shame that I heard about it first from a religious rag which I usually only read for laughs.
Update: I found a Christian Science Monitor article about the abuse.

5 thoughts on “Yemen Abuses Jews – Who Knew?

  1. That CSM article is from last year, though it doesn’t sound like the situation has improved since…

  2. ian – that was no documentary — that film was pure fiction that everyone swallowed because they like demonizing satmar. that couple killed their baby and had their children taken away by Child Protective Services. State child protective service officers, contrary to anti-semites, are not manipulated by the Jews, and, no, contrary to the film’s thrust, they are not gophers for Satmar either. Unfortunately, Satmar generally doesn’t spend money bringing lawsuits (such as had been done in Perfidy) to clear their name, hence, folks like you quote balderdash like that movie.

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