Yom Kippurim, hu Yom K'Purim

I mean, we are in the coundown to Elul, right? Anyway, I was just at the CAJE conference today and saw the brand-spanking-new copy of J.T. Waldman’s impressive comic book rendition of Megillat Esther, out officially as of like today. It’s damn cool in person–the art is really quite gorgeous, and there are all sorts of little tricks buried inside it (like halfway through the story you have to start reading the book upside-down, it being Purim and all). You can see more of J.T.’s work at his website and buy the book over at his publisher, JPS.
[Ed.’s Note] Also be on the lookout for Doug Rushkoff’s latest project, Testament, coming soon from DC/Vertigo.

One thought on “Yom Kippurim, hu Yom K'Purim

  1. Thanks for the update on Waldman’s book!
    Next on my “must purchase” list is Homeland : The Illustrated History of the State of Israel, a 120-pg. graphic novel written by the esteemed Marv Wolfman (who has done excellent work for DC & Marvel) and illustrated by Mario Ruiz. You can see the cover at http://www.valorcomics.com/new
    To discuss these and other Judaica comics & graphic novels, please visit the Jewishcomics forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/

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