Your Tax Dollars At Work

The JTA reports,

Israel directed almost $6.5 million to illegal settlement construction in the West Bank, a government report says. Over half the funding, from the Housing and Construction Ministry, went to outposts Israel had promised to remove, a state comptroller report released Wednesday found.

According to the report, over the last three years the ministry funneled money for construction of settlements that had not been officially approved and in instances where there were disputes over land ownership.

Talk about sending mixed signals. First you say you’re gonna withdrawl, then you beef up funding on illegal construction? And they call me schizophrenic…

In related news, Uri Avnery looks at Likud’s referrendum vote, and Xinhuanet reports the formation of a new settler militia in southern Gaza.

5 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars At Work

  1. Likud’s policy on land is simply the flip-side of Hamas’
    “Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli finance minister, who is the frontrunner to take over Ariel Sharon as prime minister, told Israel Radio that Israel will increase its financial support for the settlements. “We are going to invest,” he said. “I am going to approve hundreds of millions of shekels to invest in the settlements beyond the main fence.” ….. Asked by the Israeli daily, Yedioth Ahronoth whether it would not be better to annexe the settlements and bring them inside Israel’s barrier, Mr Netanyahu said: “There is no need to annexe. This will only obstruct the plan.”
    Blair condemns Israel and opens rift with US

  2. Wow, thanks for the link. Whether or not I agree or disagree with you on certain issues (and that’s frankly irrelevant), I think you’re rather brave and it must be trying to have so many people call you a self-hater and all that nonsense. I hope it doesn’t affect you too much…

  3. Likud’s policy on land is simply the flip-side of Hamas’ Nah … flip side to P.A., maybe. Were the party controlling the Israeli government the flip side to Hamas, Dimona would no longer be an open secret — just open.

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