Zealout Without A Church

TNR reports,

Most Americans are aware that George W. Bush is a religious man. He is, after all, the man who presided over a religious revival of sorts at the Republican National Convention. He is the man who has pioneered what could be called cardio-diplomacy, judging world leaders—and, at times, entire nations—by their “hearts.” He is the subject of at least four spiritual hagiographies currently in bookstores, and one religious documentary (“George W. Bush: Faith in the White House”). Most famously, Americans know him as the man who, when asked to cite the philosopher who had the greatest influence on him, named Jesus Christ.

What most—including many of the president’s fiercest supporters—don’t know, however, is that Bush doesn’t go to church. Sure, when he weekends at Camp David, Bush spends Sunday morning with the compound’s chaplain. And, every so often, he drops in on the little Episcopal church across Lafayette Park from the White House. But the president who has staked much of his domestic agenda on the argument that religious communities hold the key to solving social problems doesn’t belong to a congregation.

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3 thoughts on “Zealout Without A Church

  1. aha, mobius didnt have the guts to post the real truth: bush belongs to secret super fundamentalist christian church that plots to kill poor people and jews, poison the air, cut taxes and give the savings to the rich, and fight a war in iraq so his rich fellow church members can make loads more money. and did i mention that bush is a moron?

  2. how could bush belong to a congregation, when he doesn’t even want to belong to the human species*, let alone a religious group?
    *as evidenced by his vehement opposition to joining international civil society (the UN), international treaties (like Kyoto), international courts (the Hague), and international non-proliferation agreements.
    yes, george w. is a uniter indeed.
    and lest you try to argue that GW belongs to everyone, by belonging to no one single group, consider this: even though he doesn’t appear to affiliate with a particular congregation, his family’s money seems to be tied up with the reverend sun myung moon & the unification church.

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