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Time Traveling in a Zoom Yeshiva: Magic, Astrology, Talmud

The online Beit Midrash being offered by Romemu Yeshiva is a pandemic dream for the mystics, the seekers, the lovers of Jewish texts, the wanna-be lovers of Jewish texts, the questioners, and, well, the dreamers among us. In what other moment in time could one begin the day with a morning meditation, drop into the ancient, magical work of Sefer Yetzirah to explore the Hebrew letters as the building blocks of the universe, have some lunch/take a walk, come back the next day only to be whisked back to the 16th century Eastern European world of Yiddish tkhines and spontaneous prayer, and finish off the week/cruise into Shabbat entering the space-time of a 1000-year old poem full of ideas about how to make Shabbat a day of extra-special delight

Admit it- who hasn’t hit a wall this pandemic? Who doesn’t need some heart nourishment and some intellectual stimulation right about now? We could all use a little wisdom and instructions for healing from sages, mystics, and rabbis across space and time. Sure, the rabbis of Safed weren’t dealing with horrendous amounts of emails pouring into their inboxes at lightning speed, or repeatedly refreshing their browser page waiting for new vaccination time slots to appear. But they were facing pandemics, tremendous losses, uncertainty about their material needs being met, climate crises, and the everyday dilemma of how fully and meaningfully, as a just and kind person, with the days we are gifted here on earth?  It turns out that much of this wisdom, and its accompanying spiritual technologies are timeless… 

The full time Immersive Program takes place entirely on zoom & slack, over 3 weeks from May 24th-June 11th, Mondays-Thursdays, 8:30am-4pm EDT, Fridays 8 am-1pm EDT. You will be in a cohort with other students, have small group time with faculty, and all your evenings and weekends free. All students are eligible to apply for a mini-grant to support projects inspired by the yeshiva. 

Can’t make the full-time Immersive Program? Romemu Yeshiva is excited to offer part-time opportunities to people who are interested in engaging with our Torah and faculty

Apply here.

Ready to sign up for just one or two classes? Click here to see the full list of courses. Bonus: use code Jewschool for 50% off one or more courses.

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