Because who needs schools, anyway?

The World Tribune (granted, only about twelve steps behind the Sun or National Enquirer) is reporting via Drudgeport that Israel is considering a ‘bump’ from 6.8 billion USD to 7.7 billion USD.

Which is great, because what do schools, infrastructure, and the impoverished need money for?

Whew! Am I glad they’ve got their priorities straight over there! I was worried that Israel might end up a Third World nation at this rate, what with trying to create a sustainable, educated nation-state and all.

But then, most Third World nations don’t have as big an air force.

So, I guess I shouldn’t be that worried.

7 thoughts on “Because who needs schools, anyway?

  1. The recent Hezbollah war clearly demonstrated the poor condition of Israel’s Military. Multiple reports indicated that Reserves did not receive rations or weaponry. More so the lack of intelligence on the Hezbollahs development and entrenchment tell volumes on the inferior state of Israel’s military.

  2. And leave it to the American Jew to be exploited for Israel’s own failings. The Military screwed up because of its PEOPLE not its POCKET. If there’s money for one F-16 then there’s money for rations and weaponry.

  3. >If there’s money for one F-16 then there’s money for rations and weaponry.
    WTF does THAT mean?

  4. I’m guessing that Amit means that there isn’t a reason why Israeli soldiers shoujld lack such basics as rations when the military ahs the budget for VERY expensive hardware.

  5. I like what Uri Avnery had to say – that he (and others) have warned for years that the occupation is degrading Israel’s military capability where it counts most: fighting defensive, rapid wars.
    The center and right wings of Israeli politics are guilty of turning the army of ’67 and ’73 into the army of the Intifadas and Hezzies. Our soldiers are heros against Palestinian civilians throwing stones and policeman with AK’s; but whining defeatists when pit against committed forces with anti-tank weapons.
    Let’s put the D back in the IDF and stop the occupation of EVERY DAMN INCH of the West Bank, and uproot and expel all the illegal settlements, including Ma’aleh Adumim and Ariel. My personal safety is dependent on making the settlers return to Israel….

  6. I think it was in that piece that Uri mentioned the soldiers lacked SHOVELS, too ( and don’t know how to dig foxholes, even if they had the shovels).

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